Great Bam Puts in Another Work

Great Bam worked again this morning covering four furlongs in 50.80 seconds under jockey Adolfo Morales. The work ranked 15 of 21 at the distance.

The hoof is slowly improving and he’s regaining his fitness level. Clay has moved him toward the back of the barn due to the fact that he has been getting too worked up with the action going on in the stall he was in previously close to Clay’s office.

That’s likely a sign that he is feeling good. Exercise riders and jockeys have also reported that he’s been pretty full of himself as of late. If the hoof continues to heal and he can continue to go to the track, we hope he will have a race before the end of the meet.


4 thoughts on “Great Bam Puts in Another Work

  1. How did Clay think the two horses came out of last weekend’s races? Any chances of them racing again the final weekend? And how about Great Bam? Are we going to see him race?

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