Great Bam and High Spirit Plans

Jeff talked to Clay this afternoon to get an update on Great Bam and to discuss an alternative plan for High Spirit.

First, Clay was reasonably happy with the level of Great Bam’s conditioning after watching him workout and cool down yesterday. He is planning on trying to run him in a non-winners of two claiming race on closing day. As of now, that race would be for a $10,000 claiming price, but we’ll have to see how things progress. In the final week of the meet, lots of horses are usually looking to race, so we’ll need to keep an open mind and see if we can find the right race for him.

As for High Spirit, an extra race came up on the overnight yesterday for Thursday. The race is a $3,500 claiming race for horses that haven’t won two races in the year going one mile and seventy yards on the dirt. This is likely to be an easier spot than the race on closing day. Hopefully we can get this race to go and we’ll have a chance to run on Thursday.

Keep your fingers crossed! We’ll let you know when we know more.


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