High Spirit Picture and Great Bam Race Preview

First of all, the photo of High Spirit is available now at the THIRD FLOOR information booth. You can pick up these pictures any day of the week. The information center is open seven days a week typically from 10AM – 6PM… later on weekends.

Please be sure to pick up your photo, they are already paid for. Some of you still have not collected your Lovely Tak photo. We have photos for all members of the club for both races.

Reminder, Great Bam is entered tomorrow, closing day in the second race of the afternoon (approximate post 2:04pm). If you are going in the paddock, meet us outside of the paddock shortly after the conclusion of the first race. Here’s a look at the field:

#1 I’m L W (15-1)

Quite honestly, this is one of the stranger entries I have ever seen. The horse hasn’t raced since 2007 (at a track that is no longer open). The nine-year-old has ten career races, showed works at Emerald Downs last summer but never raced, and now is entered here on closing day. Quite frankly, 15-1 is ridiculously low… should be 50-1… or more.

#2 British Fleet (5-1)

One of five in the field that made his last start at Prairie Meadows, this guy has run five consecutive second place finishes, albeit it against Iowa-bred company. Has some gate speed and should be a part of the pace. A definite contender.

#3 Shadow Edge (6-1)

The leading rider ends up here – on another Iowa invader. Has a touch of speed but not as quick as a few of the others in here. Probably slightly below British Fleet in terms of ability.

#4 Big Kenny (10-1)

Yet another Iowa-shipper, this one recently out of the maiden ranks. Butler takes the call here but this one seems to be a tad overmatched. A closer that tried open company maidens at the bottom here last summer and was beaten by thirty lengths. Outsider.

#5 Derby One Thirty (30-1)

A North Dakota bred whose only career victory came in a Yellowstone Downs in 2011. Another that should be closer to 50-1. Would be a complete shock.

#6 Eyeseeyou (8-1)

Man, 35W got a good amount of traffic from this field. Another Iowa-shipper, this one an open company runner that has struggled in his last two starts, beating only three horses. Prior to that he ran off four consecutive second place finishes. Pace factor?

#7 Cape Town Dancer (12-1)

The last of the Iowa invaders, this guy is still a maiden. Not likely to be a major factor in the race.

#8 Jolly Boat (20-1)

A Minnesota-bred facing open company on the final day of the meet. Connections likely wanted to get one more start in this guy. Another that would be a surprise.

#9 Kalico Cowboy (8-1)

An Iowa-bred that broke his maiden in career start number four, he is 0 for his last 11, only hitting the board twice in that stretch. No clear running style, have to guess that Trimble tries to send him a little bit.

#10 Hwy Onetwentyeight (9/2)

Recent maiden-breaker comes back at today’s six furlong distance after a route win. Has been on the pace going longer, may not be able to do that today going six panels. Arroyo needs to work a good trip, but this guy figures to make some noise.

#11 Great Bam (4-1)

Obviously, you all know Bam. Great to get him to the track, now we need to hope for the best. Post shouldn’t be an issue, Goodwin needs to get him out of the gate and secure a good position either on the lead or sitting just off the pace. Good enough to win if he’s fit and if everything goes right.

#12 Indy N Mission (20-1)

Still a maiden that has faltered three times at the bottom already this summer. However, this horse does have speed and could be a factor in making our trip difficult if we don’t get out of the gate. Need to be sure he doesn’t shut off our running lane.

Hope you all have a chance to come out to watch this race. Festival of Champions gets underway today in one hour! Come on out and join us if you can.


3 thoughts on “High Spirit Picture and Great Bam Race Preview

  1. Now that it is the end of the season, have you had time to talk to Clay about when he is shipping out the horses? Is Great Bam still being planned on going to Chicago for the winter meet? If we send GB to Chicago will we still be keeping track of him on email posts? Do we have enough money to claim another horse or two in Chicago? If not should we think about adding some more money to our account? I would not mind taking a train trip to Chicago to see our horses race.

    • Clay will be leaving for Hawthorne as soon as they will let him get into the barns. Best guess is that he’ll be off for Chicago at the end of the week. Plan is still to ship Great Bam to Chicago and run him there this fall. We will definitely continue to keep track of the horse and the club on this forum. Doubtful that we’d be claiming more horses while in Chicago as we do need to wind down as was stated in the original Club rules. However, we will have a large post covering these subjects later in the week! Good questions.

  2. On paper it comes down to the 2, 10 and 11 but for recent fitness quite honestly you’d have to say the 2 and the 10 would be the slight favorites over Great Bam. Great Bam’s form is darkened by the fact that he was sick and skinny in Chicago. He’s also, in my mind, a non-winner of three since he was dq’d out of one race, which makes him a lot better against the others. It all comes down to how well Great Bam runs after all the time off – will he be too full of himself, will he try to go after the rabbit no. 6? I’m betting that he’ll be fit and be able to take the race. Can’t wait.

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