Great Bam Finishes Second

As was our concern, Great Bam simply came up short in his first race in the past 145 days. He looked good early in the race, maybe moved a touch too early around the turn and then didn’t have quite enough gas left in the tank in the final furlong.

It’s a classic example of why horses typically don’t run their best race first time back off a layoff. Clay said he came back tired but that is to be expected with that kind of layoff.

As was outlined in the group agreement at the beginning of the year, the hope was to run the club through December unless it became prudent to cease operations at an earlier date. With that in mind, Clay told us that the plan is to ship to Chicago early next week and get him ready to run when the Hawthorne meet opens up in early October.

We’ll have a post updating the finances later in the week. We hope you enjoyed coming out to watch your horses run this summer. It was nice to get a couple of win photos for the group. We’ll obviously continue to keep you updated via the blog!


19 thoughts on “Great Bam Finishes Second

  1. What a ride! Bam did really well for his first race back. I’m looking forward to seeing him run again (although it will probably be on TVG). I’m glad we’re keeping him for a bit. Will we be able to get reports as to how he’s doing from time to time?

    Some people were asking about doing something for Clay. Perhaps I’m showing my ignorance here (again) but does Clay have to pay for his meals at the track kitchen? If so, perhaps a gift certificate to the track kitchen at Hawthorne might work? Any thoughts?

  2. I disagree with Phil. I hope we keep him through the fall. I thought today’s ride was very promising, his 46 and 4 workout was great, and there is no reason he can’t be competitive at Hawthorne.

    I’m keeping him in my tickler….this will be fun.

  3. Great Bam was certainly competitive at Hawthorne last winter. It is worth a try to have him win his Non Winner of 2 condition with the nice purses in Chicago. With the luck of a win and a second or two, he should pay his way for the rest of the year. I would think the NW2 fields would get less competitive the later in the year they run. With his summer off, he may be more fit to run than many on the track late in the season.

  4. Thanks for the fun summer. Great having 3 horses instead of 1. Will we do this again next summer??? I sure hope so – maybe Great Bam will still be ours???

  5. The season at Canterbury for the Racing Club ended with 2 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds, 2 fourths and 2 claimed horses. Never out of the money and a chance for some more fun in Chicago!

    • Nice synopsis! I agree this was a great year for the CRC. Having three horses was really fun and kept my interest up all year. Great Bam was the only disappointment in that we got him first I think and only got him out there once, but that is horse racing. That is why I’m so glad we still have him. I’d like to see him race under “our” silks a couple more times. I agree with you that with the summer off he might be really well positioned for fall racing. I’d actually drive out if the timing was right (and the weather was good!)

  6. Easy to criticize the ride (I know I did), definitely moved a little soon considering an 80-1 outsider was in front…but let’s remember…there’s a reason this horse is 1 for 31. Horses have a pack mentality, the 1-for’s really have a tendency to wait on other horses and want to be around them.

    • Have to remember too that the ride may have been a symptom of the fact that the horse was off for 150 days. Sometimes they get too eager… Nik obviously moved sooner that we wanted but his other alternative may have been to restrain him when he didn’t necessarily want to be restrained… Not an easy task.

  7. From the beginning I thought Bam was a winner. I have a good feeling about him, and if he’s healthy and able , I think he can serve us well. I look forward to him in a couple more races. Does this mean we’ll receive our “checks”, if any, at a later date then last year ? Thanks ~

  8. I’m really glad that we kept Bam. It is fun watching your horse run and win!!! Maybe next race we can get a few people to car pool or caravan to Chicago???

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