Lovely Tak Arrives at Her New Home

Lovely Tak (I call her “Lovey”) came to her new home yesterday at 12:30. She loaded and unloaded from the trailer like the pro she is. She has a lot calmer personality than Crown the Cat did when I first brought herhome. The llamas frighten her a bit (probaby has never seen one before) and she has spooked her ownself a couple of times already.

I sat out with her for a couple of hours yesterday and watched her as she pawed the ground wanting to roll. If I could put her actions into human words, it looked like she was saying, “Man, I’ve always wanted to try this rolling thing in the dirt ‘cuz all de udder horsies’ say it feels so good…” so she kept pacing around her paddock, pawing, pacing, pawing and when she finally went down to do a roll, she spooked herself and jumped straight up from her back and then started pacing and snorting and looking all fearsom and firey… she’ll settle down soon and figure things out though…

Crown the Cat and Cayenne Pepper are establishing their dominance over the fenceline. The New Kid in town always seems to get picked on when they first move in… they’ll become friends once Lovey knows that the Cat wears a crown and rules the place.

Lovey has a different conformation than the Cat… Lovey has a shorter back and is more square and the Cat is longer and has a scopey stride… it’s interesting to compare their different looks but they still were winners for our club and I thank Jeff and Canterbury for the opportunity to own a real live race horse. I plan to breed Lovey to Shot of Gold who was the fastest horse in MN in 2006 and stands at Dove Hill farm with Matt’s Broken Vow.

I’ll send pictures when I can!
Kathy and Crown the Cat and ‘Lovey’
I Kin Ye Farms


8 thoughts on “Lovely Tak Arrives at Her New Home

  1. So has the Cat been bred too? Who will be the sire? I look forward to seeing the Cat and Lovely’s offspring running at Canterbury in the future!

  2. Crown the Cat was bred to Matt’s Broken Vow this spring. Her due date is 04/25/13. Matt and the Cat both have Unbridled as a grandsire. I’m hoping to breed Lovey to Shot of Gold who both share Seattle Slew in their pedigrees. I’m very honored to be able to take care of the Cat and Lovey on behalf of the club. They are going to produce some lovely foals in the next few years.
    Kathy and the Cat and Lovey

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