Racing Club Financial Update Through August

We’re back at the track today and it’s always a weird feeling when the live race meet ends. It’s quite a ride during the season and it’s an odd letdown when it all comes to an end. This year, it’s quite a different mood here as the cooperative marketing agreement between Canterbury Park and Mystic Lake Casino ensures that racing will not only be here in 2013, but it will be here in a big way.

Here’s a look at the club’s finances through the end of August.

Final Balance as of 7/31 – $17,122.90


Lovely Tak 3rd Place Finish 8-17: $1,080*

High Spirit 3rd Place Finish 8-18: $1,210

High Spirit 1st Place Finish 9-2: $5,400

High Spirit Claim: $3,500

Sale of Lovely Tak: $1,500

Total Racing Club August Earnings = $12,690


Lovely Tak Day Rate (31 Days at $60 per Day) – $1,860

Great Bam Day Rate (31 Days at $60 per Day) – $1,860

High Spirit Day Rate (30 Days at 60 per Day) – $1,800

Lovely Tak Shoes (8/10) – $120

Great Bam Shoes (8/23) – $175

Lovely Tak Pony to Post (8/17) – $25

High Spirit Pony to Post (8/18 and 8/30) – $50

Equine Retirement Fees – $2 per Start – $6

Jockey Fee to Nik Goodwin for Lovely Tak (8/17) – $65*

Jockey Fee to Denny Velazquez for High Spirit (8/18) – $75

Jockey Fee to Adolfo Morales for High Spirit (8/30) – $540

Trainer Fee to Clay Brinson for High Spirit (8/18 and 8/30) – $661

Coady Photography for High Spirit Photos – $1,092.27

July Veterinarian Expenses:

Great Bam

Equine Pain Medication – $53.58

Thyroid Supplement – $22.75

Lovely Tak

Raceday Medication – $103.58

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $176

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements – $510.25

High Spirit

Floating Teeth – $80

Raceday Medication – $35

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $85

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements – $458.25

Total August Training and July Vet Expenses – $9,853.68

Total Remaining Balance – $19,959.22

* Lovely Tak originally finished fourth in her race on 8/17. However, Royal Gamble (the second place finisher) was disqualified for a positive test following the race. Therefore, we were awarded third place money.

You’ll note that this statement does not include September racing transactions which would include a second place finish for Great Bam worth $2,600 before expenses or the August vet bill. These will be reflected on the next statement.

Clay’s first group of horses will ship Saturday. Not sure if Bam is part of the first group yet or not. We’ll let you know when we find out more.


11 thoughts on “Racing Club Financial Update Through August

  1. Well the drug test disqualification is something this group has yet to experience.

    I did have one question about what happens after a claim to transfer owenership… I would assume they have to change halters and some paperwork needs to be transferred.

    • The horse is typically exchanged in a designated location (the test barn at Canterbury) and the racing office typically handles the paperwork for the horse while the bookkeeper will take care of the actual transaction.

  2. Interesting – I hadn’t heard about the DQ in our favor – that’s nice for us.

    That would make our record for the summer 2 firsts, 2 seconds, 3 thirds, and 1 fourth. I think any owner would be proud of that record! Thank you to Clay and his team and to Canterbury for letting us be a part of something this fun and exciting!

  3. I really appreciate the detailed accounting provided. It really shows what it takes to be in the horse game. My conclusion is that without the ML agreement, no one could have made money at Canterbury going forward. The doubling of purses will at least let some make money, some break about even, and some will be disappointed — as it should be.

    I’m glad we’ll be back next year!

  4. I stopped by the barn this morning to check on Great Bam. Clay says his foot is as good as it was before the race, so that is encouraging. Clay’s first load of horses, including Great Bam, will ship to Chicago early in the morning and arrive at Hawthorne after sunrise. He will send his second load Sunday.
    The Hawthorne condition book is not out yet but we must assume an N2L race will be available immediately when they open the first week of Oct.
    The barn area really clears out quickly. There are still about 300 horses remaining but it looks like a ghost town back there this morning.

  5. I see Hawthorne has their first Condition Book out for the upcoming racing meet. There is a Non-winner of 2 scheduled for Saturday, October 6, going 6 furlongs and $5000 claiming $11,000 purse. Sure seems to be a likely spot for Great Bam if he is doing well. We’ll be watching and waiting for information on how he is doing and hope he can run that first weekend.

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