Bam Wins Easily on Saturday

As was predicted here, Bam went off at below the 2-1 morning line… way below at 3/5. Luckily, he didn’t disappoint running off to win by a widening 8 and 1/4 lengths despite having the horse immediately to his inside, Jack’s Big Fella, break out and cut him off in the opening stages of the race.

You can visit Hawthorne’s website for the race replay (or click here). It isn’t the highest qualify video, but it was nice of track announcer Peter Galassi to work in the Shakopee reference as Bam drew off in late stretch.

If you haven’t seen the chart of the race, you can view it here. Seth did a great job letting him relax just enough to go grab the lead and run away in the stretch.

Great Bam earned a 67 Beyer Speed Figure for his effort on Saturday. It’s his best Beyer Figure since March 28 when he won but was disqualified for interference. It puts him back in about the same company he was keeping at the time he was claimed.

Jeff spoke with the track photographer at Hawthorne and determined that the best way to get a picture would be for anyone interested to give the office a call and order on their own. They accept credit cards. Make sure you are clear that you are ordering a picture from Race 4 at Hawthorne Race Course on Saturday, October 6, 2012 – Great Bam.

Four Footed Fotos
425-271-9424 main office
708-780-3700 (x3654) on race days

We’ll pass along updates as to how he came out of the race and what the next step may be after we speak with Clay later on this week. Congratulations on Victory #3!


12 thoughts on “Bam Wins Easily on Saturday

  1. Here’s a little more info on race photos of Bam’s win from the Hawthorne photographer should anyone be interested:

    “We have the regular “3 way” photo, which has the finish, action and winner’s circle photo all on one composite. You can also get just the finish (upper left) or action photo (upper right) of the race enlarged with or without a caption on the bottom. You can see the 3 way photo on this link, and you can see a sample of the finish or action with caption at this link,
    It also has pricing for the various sizes. You can call our main office with the credit card info, or email it to this address (”

    Kind of cool to see only one horse (Bam of course) in the finish photo.

    • Hey thanks for that posting! Very helpful in deciding whether and what to order. Just have to laugh though. All of my other winner’s photos from this year and the Tahitian Queen year are “portrait” and this one is “landscape”. Going to mess up my wall arrangment unless the photographer will flip it for me. Hah!

  2. Thanks for the info – I ordered one yesterday! I haven’t framed my photos yet, am hoping for another Bam photo 🙂

    One can always hope!

  3. stupid question

    Bam seemed to be running with his head cocked at the end of the race. Was this because his wrestling mask was off a little or was he listening for horses coming up behind or was the jockey pulling a little more on one side or does he just run weird when he’s kicking butt?

    • Terry – The stride that you saw was a product of a horse that was getting tired. Without getting into the mechanics of a racehorse’s stride, if you watch the replay, you can see that he is starting to drift in toward the rail (drifting is a sign of fatigue). Seth is attempting to keep him from drifting in by pulling on the outside reign, which, in turn caused him to tilt his head to the outside. It’s not that uncommon.

  4. Love the picture of Bam! It arrived really quickly also.

    Question: I noticed that Clay wasn’t in the picture. I also noticed that he won the 7th race at Hawthorne yesterday and he wasn’t in the winner’s circle then either. It looked like the same people that were in the circle with Bam Can you tell me who they might be? I’m assuming a groom…..

    • Without seeing the picture myself, I can tell you that I would guess that one might be the groom and the other gentleman (most likely behind the horse) is Clay’s assistant Juan. Clay never gets in win pictures… Doesn’t like to be in them.

      • You’re right, he’s not in our other winning pictures either. (Guess I was so busy looking for myself I missed that) 🙂

        I watched the race yesterday on TVG where Clay had a winner, the announcer made some nice comments about Clay before the race. He said he was a big fan of his, plus they commented on his winning percentage being fairly high.

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