Bam Posts Another Workout, Will Enter for Saturday

Great Bam put up a solid workout this morning in preparation for a race next Saturday. He covered four furlongs in 49 seconds flat which was ranked the 3rd fastest of 14 at the distance. He worked behind two nice allowance horses, Mavericking and Hope for Today trained by Chicago-based trainer Chris Block.

Clay intends to enter him on Wednesday for Saturday but he still isn’t certain which race he will run in. (Both a $10k N3L and a $5k N3L are offered for Saturday). At this point, he’s leaning toward the $10k N3L as he is pretty happy with Great Bam’s fitness level and overall physical condition.

Stay tuned for more information on Wednesday! We’ll provide more information after entries close.


7 thoughts on “Bam Posts Another Workout, Will Enter for Saturday

  1. From this workout it does appear that Bam is doing well. Looking forward to seeing him race! I’m kind of hoping for the $10,000 race, would love to see how he does at that level.

    How is his quarter crack? Healed?

    I’m also curious, is Bam still pretty feisty in his stall like he was? Is he a tough horse to work around?

    • All reports are that the quarter crack is doing ok. The patch has held together well and it continues to heel without issue (knock on wood).

      It sounds like Bam is a challenging horse to train. He has a bit of a mind of his own… tough to gallop and not the easiest to control during a race.

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