Another Victory for Great Bam

Great Bam did it again this past weekend cruising to a 4 and 1/4 length victory as a heavy 1/2 wagering favorite at Hawthorne Race Course in Chicago. Chart of the race.

The race unfolded in a similar manner to his last. He didn’t get out of the gate extremely well, but ranged up to the outside of the pace-setters around the turn and then put them all away under Seth Martinez in late stretch. You can watch a replay of the race here.

The race was completed in a relatively fast time of 1:10.84, it is one of the quicker six furlong times of the meet to date. As a result, Great Bam earned a career-best preliminary 81 Beyer Speed Figure for the effort (11 points better than his previous career-best number earned in mid-2011). For comparison, there were two six and one half furlong allowance races contested last week and the six furlong times in those two races were in the 1:11.40 neighborhood.

Initial reports are that Bam came out of the race in good shape. Obviously, we’ll continue to monitor his condition; however, if he continues to do well, he’s probably earned the chance to run against allowance competition.

Looking ahead in the condition book, the next allowance race that is in the book (which would fit his conditions) would come up at six and one half furlongs on November 7. That is likely too quick to come back and the current Condition Book ends on November 17. Therefore, Clay will be looking to find where the next race may be, keeping in mind that it could come up as an extra. We’ll let him find the right spot as he has Bam at the top of his game right now.

Again, the best way to get a picture would be for anyone interested to give the office a call at Hawthorne and order on your own. They accept credit cards. Make sure you are clear that you are ordering a picture from Race 4 at Hawthorne Race Course on Saturday, October 27, 2012 – Great Bam.

Four Footed Fotos
425-271-9424 main office
708-780-3700 (x3654) on race days

Congratulations on another victory, hope that you are all still enjoying the ride!


12 thoughts on “Another Victory for Great Bam

  1. Nice win! I woke up from a nap too late on Saturday afternoon to bet on him although I wasn’t sure if I would have, I guess I need more faith. I have a question and a couple of comments. First, where can you find out the information on preliminary Beyer figures, obviously there is not a Past Performance of that race generated yet, how do you get the figure for the race? I don’t remember seeing it in any result chart but maybe I just missed it. Also, a comment on Four Footed photos. The winning picture I got of Great Bam from them for the last race was simply slipped into a manila envelope and mailed. It got slightly mangled by the post office. If you order a picture of this race you might want to ask them to put a piece of cardboard in the envelope, you think for $25 they could afford that. One last thing, Great Bam’s ascendancy through the ranks now is a testament to the skills of Clay Brinson. To take a 1/30 horse and train him up where he is 2/1/0 in his last three races shows a keen eye for a claim where the horse was ground up by the previous trainer/owner last year. Clay, what a great job you do.

  2. Loving the ride! Don’t want it to end! An allowance race – how exciting! Looking forward to the next race, whatever/whenever it is. Glad to hear that Clay doesn’t want to rush him.

    Where can one find the Beyer #s for a horse? Thanks.

  3. I think part of the equation that Clay saw was a good horse but not a finishing one. Once he got him he found the cracked hoof. Since it is healing – he is feeling better. Thanks Clay for seeing beyond his former race career.

  4. Another factor is that Bam ran 19 times in 2011 alone, plus some other races in 2010 leading up to 2011. That’s more than once a month with no break. I remember Clay saying on the barn tour that when he first got him he mostly stood in the back of his stall with his head down. He had to move him to a different stall once he started feeling better because he started getting too excited with any activity around him. I like Clay’s patience.

  5. Great win! Two questions: Besides the 2 handlers/groomers and Clay in the winner’s circle photo, who are the other two people? Are we going to get a financial update soon?

    • Kaye – I’m sorry, but I do not know who the others might be… Financial update will come sometime around the 10th of November… We will be billed for the month within the next 7 days or so and then will need to gather information from the Bookkeeper down at Hawthorne before we have anything compiled.

  6. This makes me curious. In a normal owner/trainer relationship how do a trainer and owner normally communicate and how often? Or does it depend on the trainer? Do trainers call their owners? Do they use email and computers? Texting?

    Also, where do trainers usually live during a meet? How about their families, especially if they have children? I’ve noticed many trainers follow the horses around the country, do the families usually stay in one spot? (I’m assuming they would due to school etc.)

    • Normally, trainers and owners communicate by phone or e-mail. It does vary depending on both parties and their preferences.

      Depending on the meet, trainers live in houses, RVs or extended stay hotels, it typically depends on the length of the meet. Same thing with families, some have permanent homes while others travel around. It’s a difficult way to make a living that involves a great deal of travel.

    • adding to the conversation: finding a trainer that you can communicate with is important. Clay generally does not call us unless something goes wrong. I would guess each relationship is different depending on the owner. He know what we want to accomplish and to call when needed. Some owners are on the phone to the trainer ALL the time. I would think for a trainer, that is not an ideal situation especially when you have a barn with several owners.
      Making sure that you have a line of communication, whatever that may mean, should go into your decision making when seeking a trainer.
      I have seen two computers in tack rooms in my days at CBY. I would not characterize trainers as a tech savvy group. However, some trainers have recently discovered texting !!

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