Great Bam Update

First of all, we hope that you had a good Thanksgiving and we apologize that we were unable to post this sooner due to the Holiday.

Bam galloped late last week and bled, similar to what happened to him here in late May. The vet looked at him then and again yesterday after he jogged. Although he did not bleed yesterday, the vet advised against entering him as a precaution.

The plan moving forward is to jog today, gallop tomorrow and then breeze him mid-week and see what happens. Depending how that regimen works, new plans will be made.

The vet suggested sending him to an off-track animal hospital for examination. However, Clay opted against that as it is likely we find no new information and spend $1,000 or more in the process.

Obviously, it’s disappointing to have this happen right before a race that you’ve been waiting on, but there isn’t much you can do about it. Racing is a tough game and horses certainly aren’t machines.

We will keep you apprised of any news and will let you know what happens during the week following the prescribed training plan.


15 thoughts on “Great Bam Update

    • He has been treated with Lasix prior to every race in his career. Although it helps prevent bleeding to to exercise, it certainly doesn’t solve all problems related to EIPH. Horses can still bleed even if using Lasix.

  1. Thank you for the update, sorry to hear that he bled again. If he continues to have trouble this week would an off-track exam be considered again? Are the Hawthorne horses allowed to leave the track at the present time?

    Hoping Bam gets over this and is back to his normal self soon.

  2. Can we sell him since he has done pretty much all he can do in his career? We all know he is not an allowance horse. We could buy another horse, or get our money back.

    • That might be a bit harsh. Saying he has done all he can do is a bit of a rush to judgement after he has won two races in a row. Due to the fact that the group must wrap up operations by the end of the year, we will be discussing our plans to wind down the club in the near future.

      • I agree that that’s a bit harsh. He may not be an allowance horse, but he at least deserves the chance to try based on his last two wins and the trainer’s judgment. I feel that this is part of horse racing, there’s ups and downs. Things happen and you don’t bail at the the first sign of trouble.

  3. Clay sure seems to know what he is doing and if he thinks Bam can be competitive in an Allowance race,,,,I say let try and see.

  4. I have another comment regarding Lasix: If Bam only bleeds during workouts when he’s not treated with Lasix, but doesn’t bleed during a race on Lasix, then I don’t really think there is a problem that justifies us getting worried about it or sending him to an off-track vet for an in-depth exam. I’d still like to see him run in the allowance race on the 30th. Kathy

    • The complications that can arise from bleeding and the fact that he is more susceptible to it after having an incident like the one he just went through are more worrisome than whether or not he would bleed during the race. We’ll let Clay make the call as to what the best course of action may be.

  5. I just read on the BloodHorse blog that Hawthorne has canceled 7 Wednesday race cards due to the EHV-1 outbreak because restrictions on shipping into and out of Hawthorne have made it difficult to fill races. So Hawthorne has increased purses for all races remaining on the card. That’s something to look forward to!!

  6. So what is new with Great Bam? According to the post above he was set to jog Monday, gallop Tuesday and breeze sometime mid-week. Any more bleeding? Is he on antibiotics like he was last time?
    With seven race dates eliminated and with the latest bleeding issue, Bam will have only a couple of weeks to try and catch a race before we shut down the club. Any new info on how he will be offered for sale by the end of the year? Is that even likely between the race track quarantine and the bleeding issues?

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