Financial Update & Plans

First of all, we apologize that we have gone so long without an update. We spoke with Clay today and his plans are to work Great Bam on either Sunday or Monday depending on the weather and then run him on Friday, December 21, one week from tomorrow.

He has selected that day due to the numerous options that are available. In the Condition Book for that day, you can find a $5,000 claiming race going six furlongs, a $10,000 claiming race going six and one half furlongs and an allowance race going six and one half furlongs.Thus, plenty of options depending on what Clay feels is best.

Entries for Friday, December 21 will be taken on Sunday.

We’ll let you know when we hear more about Clay’s plans.

Here is an update of the group’s finances through the end of November.

Total Balance at Start of November – $26,505.54

November Expenses:

November Training ($30 days $60 per day) – $1,800

Great Bam Shoes – $125

November Veterinarian Expenses:

Bleeding Examinations – $120

Raceday & Anti-Bleeding Medication – $45

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $105

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements –  $183.50

Total November Expenses: $2,378.50

Balance as of November 30, 2012 = $24,127.04


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