Bam Runs 3rd, is Sold

It wasn’t exactly the way we wanted it to end, but Bam finished 3rd yesterday. It was clear early in the race that he was fighting the restraint of jockey Seth Martinez. Obviously, Seth didn’t want him to run himself out of the race early. Unfortunately, after fighting restraint early in the race, Bam ran out of gas in mid-stretch and finished 3rd, beaten just over three lengths.

In four starts, Bam gave us two wins, a second and a third. The good news is that he certainly ran well when on the track, the bad news is that he didn’t get to the track enough. In all, it was worth it to send Bam to Chicago as it ended up being a profitable trip for the group.

Following the race, Great Bam was sold for $3,000 to a group that includes Kevin Lay. In all, that’s a pretty fair price given the fact that there will be no racing in Chicago for the next six weeks and the fact that they are still dealing with the Equine herpesvirus issues that leave them quarantined at the track. Had the quarantine not been in place, we likely could have gotten a little more as he could have been sent to another track; however, once a quarantine goes into effect, there isn’t much that can be done.

If you’ve been following Hawthorne’s racing recently, you’ve noticed that their claiming activity has more or less come to a complete stop due to these issues. Thus, this seemed like a fair price and will allow us to close out the group per the original club agreement.

Some of you may remember that Kevin was involved in the racing club last year. Hopefully this means you’ll be able to continue to follow Great Bam and maybe we’ll see him back at Canterbury in 2013!

If my math is correct, in total, the 2012 racing club compiled a record as follows:


1 Start (1 Second)

Great Bam

4 Starts (2 Firsts, 1 Second and 1 Third)

Lovely Tak

3 Starts (1 First and 2 Fourths)

High Spirit

3 Starts (1 First and 2 Thirds)

Thanks to everyone that joined this year’s club. We’ll be back after the holidays with updates including information regarding the finalization of the sale and a final financial update once all of the bills have been paid.

Have a great holiday season and a wonderful New Year.


13 thoughts on “Bam Runs 3rd, is Sold

  1. I watched the race on the replay and it did appear that Bam was fighting the hold. He sure likes to run! I’m sorry to see him sold but I hope the new group enjoys him and he does well for them. (Is there still room in that group for another?) I do understand about the quarantine and the problems that it can cause.

    It’s been a fabulous year and I can’t thank you all enough for making a dream of mine come true. I think we have learned a lot as well. It’s been great! Sure hope there’s a Club this next year, I’m ready to sign up again.

    P.S, Wasn’t Lovely Tak moved to 3rd on a disqualification in one of her races?

  2. I wanted to thank everyone at Canterbury for all their hard work this year. Unfornately, Great Bam didn’t get the best of rides yesterday. I was at Canterbury yesterday, and watched the race live. I have been around this game a long time, and that was the WORST ride ever given for 6 1/2 furlongs. I guess Seth thought it was the 1st Sat in May! Anywho, thx again Canterbury for everything.

  3. As impressed as I am at Clays ability to see talent and potential with acquiring and training our horses, I have been equally disappointed in the price we got in the sales of both Lovely Tak and Great Bam. I guess that’s the disadvantage of a short term ownership club. All in all it was a lot of fun this year and we are looking forward to 2013! Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. Having been involved in this ownership at CBY for 3 of the last 4 years, we once again had a blast. First time we ever made it to December too! It’s been a great ride with what can be called a great variety of circumstances. Thanks especially to Jeff, Andrew, Clay and of course to all else involved. Happy Holidays and see ya trackside…Brett & Cheryle

  5. Considering the circumstances, I suppose that was a realistic price. (Even though we think he’s worth more-he is a handsome horse!) I hope the new group does well with Bam, and he for them! It has been fun – thanks to all! Darlene

  6. I, too, have had a great time again this year! I think any owner/group ownership would totally envy our % of in the $ results. I was at CBY to watch yesterday and enjoyed the longer season for one of our horses to still be running. Can we have Clay as a trainer next year also? Pretty please!!!

    • It was a great season with OUTSTANDING results, to be in the money every race is unreal. We were in the winner circle more times this summer than many horse owners experience in a life time and then come so close to being in an Allowance race, unreal ! Our trainer and the team at Canterbury made that possible. We want to be in next years group and what will it take to keep Clay and the team?
      Bill and Deb

  7. I have enjoyed the last couple of years as a horse “owner”. It has always been a blast. All of the horses that we have bought have been winners!! It was fun having Bam sent to Hawthorne to race into the end of December. I was in Tampa and got to see him race at Tampa Bay Downs and make a bet on him. Thanks to everyone that was involved with the CBY racing club. If Clay comes back next year – I would love to have him as our trainer again if we can get another horse. I’m in!!

    • Seems like a pretty quick turnaround considering he just raced last Friday. How common is it to run a horse again after just 9 days? What are your thoughts on if he will actually run or if he gets scratched?

      • It is a quick turnaround. The only time you really see horses come back that quick is the final week of the meet (which is the case here). I really can’t guess what will happen. Based on other horses… I would say about 80% would run and 20% would scratch but there are a lot of factors at play.

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