Bills & Plans for 2013

Happy New Year!

We have finally collected all of the bills and are in the process of paying them and closing out the account. It looks like everyone will be getting back a little bit more than half of what they put into the club this year.

It will probably take us another week or so to get all of the accounting finalized and to come up with a complete financial update for the group.

Plan on another post wrapping up the 2012 Racing Club next week. Plus, we hope to have more information for you on plans for 2013!


2 thoughts on “Bills & Plans for 2013

  1. I sure hope we can have another couple of horses next year. This has been so much fun. I don’t care about the refund. In fact – I sort of consider it gone after I pay it – just in case I don’t get any $ back.I like getting money back – don’t get me wrong. Keep us posted and know that I am interested for 2013!!

  2. Looking forward to next year! I agree, it’s been a blast! I really don’t care about the refund either, it was well worth it to me (but it is nice). Sign me up again!

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