Final 2012 Racing Club Update

Well, it was a great run. We’ve finalized all of the bills and have some exciting new information to share about the 2013 Racing Club. First, let’s wrap up 2013!

Here’s a look at our final financial statements for the year:

Balance as of November 30, 2012 = $24,127.04

December Revenue

3rd Place Finish (December 21) – $1,600

Sale of Great Bam – $3,000

December Expenses

Training (22 days @ $60 per day) – $1,320

Post Parade Pony (December 21) – $25

Trainer Fee (10% of 3rd place finish) – $160

Jockey Fee (3rd place finish) – $125

December Veterinarian Expenses

Raceday & Anti-Bleeding Medication – $65

Electrolytes, Vitamins and Enzymes – $107.50

Thyroid Medication, Joint Lubricants and Supplements –  $570.10

Total December Expenses – 2,372.60

2012 Canterbury Racing Club Final Balance – $26,354.44

With a final outstanding balance of $26,354.44 and a total of 165 shares in the club, each membership will be entitled to a return of $159.72

Obviously not a banner year; however, we did get a very robust experience including some of the highs and lows of racing. Hopefully you found your $90 expenditure to be worth the experience and you enjoyed the trips to the track and the educational opportunities this club provides.

In 2013, the racing club will take a slightly different shape as both Jeff and I will be largely removing ourselves from the club and experienced racing partnership organizer and a member of the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association Ted Grevelis will be taking the reins of the Racing Club.

The club will continue to keep its low membership fee of $250 and its great benefits and we hope that the group goes to even greater heights in 2013 with a larger membership base and a wider variety of horses from different parts of the country.

For more information about the 2013 Racing Club, including a formal introduction of Ted, and for forms that will allow you to roll your 2012 Remaining Balance into the 2013 Racing Club, click on this link. If you do not choose to take part in the 2013 Racing Club, checks will be returned to all members that have not elected to rollover on February 15.

Thanks for being a part of the 2012 Racing Club, we have really enjoyed the educational experience and hope you have too.

The 2013 Racing Club will be even better and we can’t wait to see where the group goes and the runners it brings to town! May all your photo finishes be winning ones in 2013.


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