Welcome to the 2013 Racing Club

This is my first official post for the Club and I’m very excited to get the ball rolling. I’ve spent some time reviewing past posts and getting a feel for the Club operation. It’s my goal to build upon the success that Andrew and Jeff have had with the group and not stray much from the winning formula.

More information will follow in the coming weeks as we gather members and start to get a feel for how many horses we will run this year. We’ll discuss strategies for claiming and race placement, racing terminology, condition books and any other topics that come up in the course of the season.

Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have. The odds are pretty good that if you have a question, someone else in the group is thinking about the same thing. If you feel a bit uncomfortable putting yourself out there, then feel free to email me at ted@grevelisracing.com and I’ll shoot you a note back or design a post around your question if it seems to have mass appeal.

If you’ve been a member for a few years, it may seem like some topics are being repeated, but don’t forget, this is supposed to be a learning experience so please be patient. I know that I’ve been around this game for a long time and I learn something new with every season. Every season, every horse, brings something new and different and should provide us with some exciting and interesting moments.

Memberships are now being accepted for the 2013 Club. If you have been involved previously, welcome back – you obviously enjoyed your experience so why don’t you bring a friend or two along this year? The more members we can get this season, the more horses we’ll be able to run so the more frequently we’ll be at the races watching our horses run!

For more information, including the necessary sign up forms to be a part of the 2013 Racing Club, please click here.



8 thoughts on “Welcome to the 2013 Racing Club

  1. Thanks to all the Canterbury folks for the hard work this year.

    Interested in joining a small club to own and race your own horse? My name is West Ortega, and I’m transitioning my horse racing hobby into a business opportunity. An active participant in the Canterbury Horse Club, I’ve gained good experience in the business side of racing. As another charter member of our club, Jason George is a long time racing enthusiast, with both experience and connections in the industry. We have been researching possible horses to purchase for several months and have trainer Bernell Rhone on board and Kevin Lay has agreed to give guidance.

    Perhaps you are looking for your next racing opportunity, or maybe you want to take your racing hobby to the next level. This is a business investment. Initial club member investments will be held in escrow for claiming, training, and boarding expenses. Any profits will be split among members at the same percentage as each member’s investment. Financial statements will be available for members’ review.

    If interested, call me at 651-274-2257.

  2. Ted – Thank you for the intro and welcome aboard. This is our 2nd year in the Club and we are looking forward to a lot of fun again. More horses – even better!

  3. I second the welcome Ted. Almost wish we could fast forward to May. This is the 4th year I’ve been in the club, back to the beautiful Tahitian Queen, and every year gets better!

  4. Thanks JD and Janet! I’m very excited ad looking forward to building on past success and I look forward to meeting you both soon!

  5. Hey ted is wondering when paperwork and payment are due… my second question is how many members are already in the 2013 club

    • We would like to have everything complete by March 30, but the sooner the better as it will give us a better idea as to how to proceed. At this time, there have been about 100 people that have either signed up or signified their intent to sign up.

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