Welcome ASK EDDY

Welcome ASK EDDY to the barn.  ASK EDDY is a 6-year old gelding by VICTORY GALLOP out to the MATTY G mare STARLINE.  Foaled in Kentucky, he was a graduate of the 2008 Keeneland September yearling sale where the bidding stopped at $33,000.

ASK EDDY started his racing career at Arlington Park where he debuted against Maiden Special Weight company but it wasn’t until two starts later that his broke his maiden in a $25,000 Maiden Claiming race at Hawthorne.  In his career he has had 35 starts with 7 wins, hitting the board just over 50% of the time and earning over $165,000.  He has won races as high as allowance level and has changed hands via the claim box five times including yesterday when Clay claimed him.  Last season he was stakes placed, finishing third in the Wheat City Stakes at Assiniboia Downs in Winnipeg.  He likes to run on or near the lead which is something that is desirable when racing at Canterbury.  Additionally, Clay felt that this is a horse that he can improve upon both physically and with some training, so we dropped a slip for $5,000 and ASK EDDY was Clay’s when the gates spring open.

As a member of our group, Clay claimed the horse in his name and there he will stay for 30-days until the horse is eligible to be sold to new owners, which will be the Canterbury Park Racing Club.   To expand a little bit, only licensed owners can claim a horse and rules vary considerably from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  Most jurisdictions do require that the horse remain in the claiming owners name for thirty days before it can be sold or transferred (other than via another claim).  In this case, Clay is part of the group and we will join him in owning the horse as the group after the 30-day period.

Unfortunately, yesterday was not one of ASK EDDY’s best efforts.  He tracked the leaders well but about six furlongs in; he started sliding back and was unable to keep pace.  Clay looked him over this morning and said that “He’s got a bit of an ankle, but he cooled out well and walked well this morning.”

What the horse DOES need is some quality care.  He is a bit lightweight and probably needs to be wormed and have his teeth floated.  His coat was a bit ragged and he appears tired, so he’ll get a bit of time, care and proper nutrition.  A couple of things Clay learned talking to the jock that rode him for both his old outfits was that when the horse is right, he can be pretty good and that during the race he felt just fine under him, no signs of discomfort at all. Cautious optimism are the watchwords.

So he’s going to get a little time off (about 30-days), get some weight back on him and get fit so Clay can have the opportunity to bring him back to a racing level where we feel he belongs – which we’re hoping is somewhat higher than the $5,000 that we bought him for!

As the Canterbury meet gets underway, we’ll be looking to be active in the claim box as well to get Eddy’s stablemate, probably at a fairly higher level than we picked up Eddy.

Ask Eddy Lifetime Past Performances


28 thoughts on “Welcome ASK EDDY

  1. I am excited to hear about the new edition to our family, as I will support him no matter how well he does. A few questions I have after reading the most recent posts and maybe others have as well are…. If his coat was ragged, he appeared light weight, and as if he is a bit wore down what made Clay want to dive in on this Gelding? This claim is slightly lower than what was originally tossed about, so should we assume Clay felt there was simply value in this claim and potential, as we don’t have much room to drop should his ankle flare up.

    Thanks all, excited to follow along and hope for some fun days in the sun.

    • Because these are all issues thatcan be fixed with a bit of rest, proper care and nurtition. Once you can get a horse healthy and feeling good again, you’re halfway there and need to rely on talent for the rest. It appears that this boy has some talent that can be brought back with the right kind of attention that we know Clay can give him!

      • I watched his replays, two back when the horse was right I liked what I saw. Simply tracked and moved up on his own splitting horses, and battling to the wire. I liked his desire. Lets get him right!

  2. That is very exciting! Does he go by the name of Eddy? Looks like he has some back class and could do well again. Clay is really good at getting a horse ready to run.

    Another question: will Club members get free admission again this year with our VIP cards?

    • I just called him Eddy, but we’ll see what name sticks to him in the barn! I do believe that free admission will work the same way it did last yaer with the MVP Cards swiped at the gate.

    • You are indeed. Victory Gallop was 2nd to Real Quiet in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness in 1998 but denied his bid for the Triple Crown by inches in the Belmont that year. Victory Gallop also won the Stephen Foster and the Whitney Handicaps the next year on the way to being voted the Eclipse award for top older horse in 1999.

  3. Skinny, needs worming, bad ankle, bad coat, needs to have teeth floated. Shades of Great Bam. Clay is a great trainer and will make the horse right before he races him, I am sure of it. However, I hope that “Lucky” Eddy won’t sit in the barn all summer like Great Bam did last year, eating but not racting. I know that this is often the fate of $5000 claimers, that they can be lame,overused, and otherwise broken down, which is why I was hoping that this year with our bigger budget we would claim at a higher level to maybe not have such a “project” on our hands. I also hope we can get a better horse or two before Hawthorne ends.

    • Yes, Clay does very well. I believe Bam also had a few other issues that showed up which kept him from running earlier. He developed a quarter crack (which takes time to heal even with a patch) and he bled. That set him back a while also. These things can happen to any horse, regardless of price.

      I’m wondering, where is Bam now? The last workout shown was in February. Is there any way we can find out how he is doing?

      • Next time I talk to Clay I can ask him, unless Jeff knows off the top of his head. The last work was indeed back in the beginning of February.

  4. Clay still has Bam. I think there may have been a set back similar to what happened last summer. Probably getting him ready for Canterbury.

  5. I am new to this so my questions come from inexperience. We claimed him(dropped a slip??) for $5000? What does “drop a slip” mean? So we owned him before his race yesterday? At what track did ASK EDDY run yesterday? How many horses in the race and where did he finish? Will he be stabled and run at Canterbury? Where can I see ASK EDDY’s complete statistics? Can we meet ASK EDDY and Clay? Pat Cady

    • Pat,

      I can’t answer all of your questions but certainly some. We put in a claim for him before the race started for $5,000 and as soon as the gates open barring no one else tried to claim him he was ours regardless of finish. He ran in the 7th race at Hawthorne. You can watch the replay on their website (good looking very dark maybe black horse) he was on the pace for about 6 furlongs then tired down the stretch, didn’t appear to appreciate his position as he never looked
      Comfortable. Unfortunately he ended up in
      Last place and finished 10th, however 2 races back he finished 1st. You can check all
      Of his stats at http://www.equibase.com and
      Typing in ask eddy in the search. As
      For your other questions I am sure Ted or Jeff can answer those. Welcome to the group.

  6. I watched the race. He was in the front and then just started slipping back. Hopefully, Clay can do with Eddie like he did with Bam.

      • As a new member to this group, is there anything additional I need to do to ensure my MVP card is ready to go for the season? I am a member from prior years, but just new to THIS group 🙂

      • If you have an MVP Card already, it should be on your account that you’re a Club member and the swipe at the gate should work just fine! Welcome and good luck!

  7. I’m new to the club this year and am so excited to be a part of it. Kudos to Canterbury for putting this club together with such great/experienced people running it and having such a talented trainer as Clay. Can’t wait to see all of you in the winner’s circle!!

  8. Eddy looks like he could use a break anyways. He’s run 15 times since 6/17 and 3 times in the month before we claimed him.

  9. Just wondering if Clay is back in Minnesota and with Ask Eddy and the rest of his stable. If so is is possible to get a pic up of our first runner.

    • CLay wasn’t scheduled to ship from Chicago until this weekend. I would anticipate being able to get photos of Eddy up this week.

  10. So excited about the acquisition of Ask Eddy. He might just have hit the jackpot with his new trainer, Mr Brinson and all his excited new owners to be. His moma’s pedigree shows Seattle Slew 5 steps back and guess what !! Dark Star (he of the Kentucky Derby win) shows up a couple more back, I do believe we just might have a real honest to goodness GEM. All those genes are there a just waiting for some tender loving care; some special training, and the ring of the bell.

    • Mundy is doing just fine. This weekend would have been a little too soon to run her back (less than 2 weeks). Next week would be the absolute earliest we would look for a race for her. Eddy came back from his work okay but his fitness level is a little low and needs another week or so to build his stamina back up, though next weekend could mark Eddy’s return.

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