Welcome to “Mundy”

The Club claimed it’s second and final horse (for now) of the 2013 season, turf specialist MUNDY out of the 4th race today at Canterbury for $16,000.

Munday is 5-year old mare out of the Cherokee Run mare Conquestress by the Giant’s Causeway stallion First Samurai.

The stakes placed mare is an effective middle distance runner and had a bit of a troubled trip from the race we claimed her.  She stayed just off the pace, which is not her normal running style, and as she moved up along the rail ran into trouble causing her to be steadied a bit and losing momentum heading through the turn.  She tried to close through the lane but was unable to recover her lost momentum and still finished a nice third considering she was running against her running style and on a softer turf course that she’s been used to running.

We’ll get her back to Clay’s barn and give her the once over before starting her on the “Brinson Treatment” and seeing where she fits next!


News and Notes for Ask Eddy

Starting off with an answer to an earlier question, Clay and I determined that Eddie was about 16 hands high, maybe a wee bit bigger.  Either way, that’s a pretty big horse and he really looks the part when he draws himself up and stands high.

[NOTE: Horses are measured in units called “hands”.  A hand is 4 inches and you measure a horse from the top of the withers (shoulder blade) to the ground.  So, if Eddie is 16 hands high, that means he measures about 5’ 4” from the ground to the top of his shoulder.]

I spent some time with Eddie and Clay the last couple of days and a couple of things for the news and notes page:

          He developed a small abscess in one of his rear feet which seems to have already resolved itself.  Clay is going to give him today (Sunday) off and then he will go over to the track to start jogging over the surface tomorrow (Monday).  That will give us some time to determine just how he’s doing after a few weeks of R&R and good nutrition.  Even with a small abscess, Eddie still hasn’t so much as taken a misstep or shown any discomfort whatsoever.  If all goes well, he is still being pointed to his first race for us the weekend of May 31st.

          We are looking to claim again.  If I had to guess a level, I would say $12,500, but it really depends upon where the opportunity is.  Our budget could allow us to go as high as $16,000.  Again, it depends upon where the opportunity is.

          Eddie has an edge to him.  He isn’t afraid to let you know if he doesn’t like something with a little bit of a nip or a snap at you.  Nothing too harsh, but enough to warn you that whatever you just did – don’t do it again.  That could stem from the way he was handled in the past or just his personality.

          Eddie already looks very good.  His coat is shiny and he looks to have put on more weight.  A lot of improvement in just 2 ½ weeks in Clay’s barn.

The watchwords going forward are cautious optimism but so far, so good.

Eddy has arrived

Here is a short video of Ask Eddy.


Ask Eddy has been in Clay’s care now for about 10-days.  He’s been walking every day and already appears to have brighter eyes, a healthier coat and even has gained a few pounds!  He’s not outwardly showing any signs of ailing, but the barn is still being careful with him and he’ll be spending some time in Canterbury’s horse pool to keep his fitness level up while letting his legs rest.

He will, of course, be sent over to the track in a few weeks to get used to the surface and see how he is progressing.  If all goes well, we may be looking for a race for him near the end of May!

In the interim, we will be keeping an eye out for another runner as the meet opens our of a higher class level than Eddy (no offense Eddy!).  I will also be working with Jeff to set dates for our backside tours this season.  I’m thinking we will schedule three, possibly one each in June, July and August to give everyone an opportunity to attend one while mixing in summer vacations, etc.  We’ll let you know those dates in a few weeks.

See you next Friday night – Opening Night 2013!