Go to Work With MUNDY

(Video Credit: Michelle Benson)

It looks like the technical difficulties are taken care of and here is the video of MUNDY exercising last Wednesday.  Her exercise rider wore a “jockey cam” so you get a nice rider’s eye view of the racetrack in the morning with horses having timed works on the inside and some joggers on the outside.

We’ll be looking after the 4th for MUNDY’s next race but we anticipate it being right about the same level/distance as her previous race – prefereably over a firm turf course.


Eddy’s Day in Video and Pictures

Here is some video shot by Michelle Benson on Eddy’s race including some great “jockey cam” footage along with some still shots by Heather Frisbie. Congratulations again and ENJOY!!

(Video Credit: Michelle Benson)

Eddy breaks alertly  (#6)

Eddy breaks alertly (#6)

Eddy pulling away looking like he's flying

Eddy pulling away looking like he’s flying

Ready Eddy in the paddock, looking the part of a winner

Ready Eddy in the paddock, looking the part of a winner

Eddy making it official

Eddy making it official

(All Photo Credits: Heather Frisbie)

You’re Winners!!

Nice job by Alex Canchari and ASK EDDY today!!

Riding with patience behind a hot early pace, Alex moved EDDY through the turn to take on the leaders and then had to hold off MILES HEIR’s charge down the lane to win by two. We were able to squeeze everyone into the winners’ circle but it was very tight – especially with Mr. Cranky Pants not being the sweetest horse in the world! But we did it and we have some word on the photos.

We will take the money for the photos out of the club account but it will take a while to print out 179 pictures and have them ready for distribution. I will be back in touch via this space and probably with an email as well. Last year a LOT of photos went unclaimed (which costs us money once they get printed). If you’re not interested in a photo, please send me an email (ted@grevelisracing.com) so we can pull you off the list and save the group some money.

We’ll have some video in the next day or so and post that as well.

Congratulations everyone! Winning is hard and you pulled it off!

ASK EDDY Preview

The day is upon us. Our first claim is getting ready to run his first race. While MUNDY was exciting, ASK EDDY was our first so he holds a special place – especially trying to overcome a balky ankle and two downright lousy races. Before we get to how his race shapes up, here is some housekeeping for Saturday.

We will have a section in Silks, some patio seating set aside for us if it’s dry, inside if it’s wet. This time it should be designated as such. As a reminder, Group 2 are letters G – K. We will head over to the paddock after the 7th race is official. I will be down in Silks for at least the 7th race, hopefully earlier. I won’t be back from Detroit until after midnight tomorrow so I’m not sure exactly when I’ll get to the track, but I will be there!

Now with no further ado…

Littlebrownroad (Berndt/Martin): 2nd at a much shorter race at this level last out but certainly seemed to want more room. Record at the distance – 5 wins in 24 starts – is very good so don’t let the PPs with all the sprints deceive you. This old timer (10 with 103 starts) still has fight left in him.

Cachemassa Creek (Donlin/Butler): Another old warrior (9) with 23 Canterbury starts on his resume (7 wins) he was claimed last out by Lucky Horseshoe Racing by trainer Larry Donlin. Very consistent check earner but has only seen the winners’ circle twice since August 2011.

British Columbia (Chambers/Von Rosen): Claimed for $6250 two starts back, he completely failed to fire over the turf in his first Canterbury start. He drops down here where he should be competitive and tough to beat.

Tachometer (Pride/Frink): Horse was demolished in two stakes tries in Idaho over a year ago and picks this spot for his comeback. There is a good chance he may need a race.

Jersey Devil (Rhone/Keith): Last win was right of a $16,000 claim in a $35,000 race at Churchill last summer. After a follow up 2nd, the Devil hasn’t sniffed the winner’s circle and now drops to the bottom.


Third Rail (Shyrock/Escobar): Winner in his first Canterbury start of the year at this level and distance, tried to step it up to allowance company on the heels of that win and was rudely welcomed. He’s back here now and has already proven he can win here.

Victory Check (Oliver/Stevens): Another horse dropping in from a higher level after some disappointing efforts.

Miles Heir (Diodoro/Franco): Solid third last out in a starter allowance after shipping in from Santa Anita where he raced at the bottom, picking up some wins along the way. Got a feel for the track last out and could be in a nice position here.

Hammers Bullet (Robertson/Bell): Not sure the last time I saw a Mac/Derek horse at 12-1 in the morning line, but this guy was beaten by 20 last out while showing nothing at all – albeit his first time over the turf. It could be easy to draw a line through that performance if he hated the surface. Won in front running style at Hawthorne in April and seems to do his best running on the engine.

As always, the question we ask here is can our charge win? The answer is a qualified “yes”. He’s been training well but we don’t know how he really feels. There are some toughies in here and his last two races were dismal. EDDY’s best running has been done close to the lead and push on late. Will there be some speed to run at here?

Well…not really. Cachemassa Creek and Hammers Bullet are the closest – as is EDDY! Race strategy could play a part in here as much as how he is feeling. IF he can run his race; IF the ankle doesn’t give him problems; IF he can get a couple of speedsters top track…it could fall into place for us. We do know one thing: he is ready to go, so he should give us a run for our money!

Good luck!

Get Ready for EDDY!

(Video credit: Michelle Benson)

ASK EDDY drew into the 8th race on Saturday. The race is a $4000 claiming race going a mile and 70 yards over the dirt for horses that have not won 2 races in 2013.

EDDY is 8-1 on the morning line which is 5th in the field of 10. That’s only one man’s opinion and I will lay out a post in a day or so on just how we can win this race. That said, EDDY has a lot of question marks and it remains to be seen how effective he can be.

I’ve asked to see if we can have a gathering spot again on Saturday. It may be a bit more problematical on a Saturday but you never know. Should we have a spot I will meet you all there for the 7th race and then Group 2 will head over to the paddock.

We Draw Today

Ted and Ed
(Photo Credit: Heather Frisbie)

Not a lot to report that you don’t already know. We draw today for Saturday and Mundy is feeling good and we’ll be looking for her next race in another week or two. However I did want to share the picture of Eddy deciding which race he thinks he could win as went over the condition book together.

I’m traveling most of the day but when I have the chance and I know if we drew in or not, I will pop a quick post up.

MUNDY Replay

MUNDY came back from her race very well. She ate up nicely and shows no signs of soreness or too much fatigue. It will be nice for her to catch a firm turf course at some point so she can run over the surface that she prefers. We’ll let her rest up and then find the next spot – most likely the same level/same distance.

Keep your eyes on this space for ASK EDDY’s race announcement. We’ll be looking to enter Thursday for Saturday.

Thanks to all of you that came out and I look forward to seeing you all again – along with more of the Club members – as the season goes on.

MUNDY Race Update

So far turf races are scheduled to go on as scheduled but there is no determination yet on what the track condition will be listed come race time. There are showers forecasted for later today. Fingers crossed that they hold off until AFTER the 4th race!

Should anything change, I will post again. If nothing changes I will see some of you at the track this evening!

Good luck!

MUNDY’s Race Breakdown

If anyone has followed my own blog in the past, the day before/of a race of one of our horses I post a blog where I breakdown the race and make the case that we can win. I’ll give it a shot here for MUNDY. I’ll list the horses by post position with the trainer/jockey in parenthesis and then a brief analysis.

1 – Lookinatmindy (Brinson/Martin): Clay’s other horse will look to close from off the pace. The may just be enough pace to run into, unfortunately part of the pace that would have to collapse for Lookinatmindy would be Mundy!

2 – Mundy (Brinson/Rivera): Juan Rivera retains the ride on our claim. She didn’t care for the soft going last out and she does her best work on the front end, but she’ll have some company there this trip.

3 – Morgans a Blumin (Robertson/Eikleberry): Return to the races for this steady Minnesota bred. Has proven that she belongs in open company winning an open allowance here last season.

4 -Extract (Shorter/Shepherd): $10,000 claim at Oaklawn two back, managed a 3rd at Prairie Meadows and now tried the turf where she is 1-4 lifetime.

5 – Vertical Lift (Rhone/Butler): Back on the turf where she is most comfortable. You can cross out that last race and she certainly belongs in here.

6 – Grace of Greatness (Robertson/Franco): Never off the board at Canterbury – including a 3rd in last year’s Princess Elaine Stakes – she had some trouble after traveling to Chicago.

7 – Inside Deal (Brueggemann/Goodwin): Speedy winner of last two against higher classes will look to take the field gate to wire. If she’s still “on” she’s going to be tough to beat here.

8 – Machorina (Biehler/Bell): Last out winner over the soft turf. She looks to be in top form and will be sitting just off the pace and could be in perfect position to pounce.

9 – Coconino (McFarlane/Stevens): She was thought enough of by trainer McFarlane to get claimed right back and brought up to Minnesota where she faltered in losing last over the soft going to Machorina.

This is a tough field of fillies and mares that are going to go at it. We know that our gal likes the front end but there is a real speedster in Inside Deal that is going to want to go with her. While Machorina also seems to enjoy the front end, she was able to stalk last out and a repeat of that is likely what the connections have in mind. Clay’s other horse, Lookinatmindy, is going to want to pick up the pieces should the front end fall apart.

The question is why is Inside Deal dropping down like this after winning two races at higher levels? If she is having some trouble then there is the real possibility that we could get on an uncontested lead which she (and us) would love. There is the real possibility that the owners, Midwest Thoroughbreds, are okay losing the horse for what they paid for it back in July after picking up two wins and two thirds – especially if they can pocket the win money here. All in all that would be a very successful claim.

We’ll know more Friday evening. Best of luck and I’ll see you at the track!

Paddock Groups and Friday Night at Silks

You all should have received an e-mail but just in case you have not, I thought I’d post the information here as well. There is a space in Silks reserved for Club members that wish to congregate there for the races on Friday night.

We split up the group into 4 parts for paddock access:

A – F – Group 1
G – K – Group 2
L – R – Group 3
S – Z – Group 4

For Friday night, Ted will be at Silks for the 3rd race and will accompany Group 1 folks over to the paddock immediately after race 3 is complete. We want to get everyone into the paddock well before the jockeys come out of the tunnel. If you make your way over to the paddock late and you see the jockeys already in the walking ring, then you’re too late and will have to wait for your group’s next turn. Please also be cognizant of the single guest policy. In addition to Ted, Michelle and Jalique should also be around to help in the paddock.

If we are fortunate enough to win a race, all members are invited to the Winners’ Circle for the photo, no guests please. File in as quickly as possible and gather for the photo. There will be folks there to help shepherd us in and out as orderly as we can be – let’s hope that this is an issue we will need to deal with often!

In the event that the race on Friday is off the turf, MUNDY will be scratched. Should that occur early in the day, we will let you know via the blog as quickly as possible. Scratches are also posted on the Canterbury Park website starting around 11 AM and are updated throughout the day.