ASK EDDY Relaxes After Exercise

After exercise racehorses get a bath in order to clean off the dirt from the track and relax after working before heading back to the stall. Eddy galloped over the track and walked a bit to cool down afterward before his bath.


6 thoughts on “ASK EDDY Relaxes After Exercise

  1. I take it this was not an official workout? I don’t see his name on equibase list for Canterbury yesterday.

    • It was not a workout, just exercise. We’re hoping to have a timed workout over the next couple of days.

  2. Is he fit and ready to go? Will he have a timed work over the track soon? I assume that wll determine when he’ll race.

    • Clay feels that he has not lost much fitness, if any, and the swimming kept his cardio up. As I mentioned in answering Jonathan’s question, he should have a timed work the next couple of days and then we’ll determine a race that fits him.

  3. I see that Eddy had a nice workout today – 4 furlongs in 48 flat (5/38). If he comes out of it well, do you think he will be ready to run soon? What sort of race are we looking at for him (if you can say)? Thanks.

    • We were looking at next weekend but he got a bit tired galloping out and may need another week to build up his fitness. Given his age and physical condition we will probably look at starting him right around at the same level we got him.

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