6 thoughts on “Meet MUNDY

  1. She is lovely! Is she as even tempered as she looks? What is Clay’s assessment of her so far? Thanks for posting the video.

    • She really is. I don’t know how else to describe her except that she’s very feminine. I manage another filly named Bourbonology and she is almost gelding like – kind of a tomboy – while Mundy is more of girly-girl. I’ve taken to calling her Princess!

  2. New this year and want to learn more.
    Recent workouts:
    Current Workouts for Mundy:
    Track Date Course Distance Time Note Rank
    Canterbury Park 5/24/2013 Dirt 5F 1:01.00 Breezing 17/50
    Canterbury Park 5/13/2013 Dirt 5F 1:01.80 Breezing 12/33
    Turf Paradise 4/28/2013 Dirt 4F 47.00 Handily 5/18
    Turf Paradise 4/21/2013 Dirt 4F 48.80 Handily 4/8
    What do the notes mean? Explain the rank numbers.

    Also there was a mention of the club to go backside sometime. Do we have any dates yet?

    • Take a look at the latest post – I posted a bit of an explanation of the work line. Now that we have our runners I will work on the backside tour dates. I’m hoping to set up 3 separate days throughout the remainder of the meet.

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