ASK EDDY Gets 1st Canterbury Work

Eddy I

(Photo Credit: Heather Frisbie)

ASK EDDY had his first timed workout this morning at Canterbury Park.  He went out about 8:45 in the morning and went 4 furlongs (one half mile).  There were a few things we were looking at getting from this workout:

How much fitness did Eddy lose while recuperating?

How would his injury hold up under stress?

Is abscess healed or will it hamper his running?

Questions 1 & 3 were answered.  Eddy completed the 4 furlongs in :48 and looked pretty good doing it.  His exercise rider this morning did report that he was tiring during his gallop out after the wire which indicates that he may not be in race shape just yet.  It was also pretty clear that the abscess didn’t hamper him at all.

It will take a day or two after the workout to determine how he’s feeling.  Although we were looking at next weekend for Eddy’s first race, it looks like he may need another week to tighten up his fitness level.


There was a question on the last blog on how to read a workout line.  Here is how Eddy’s line reads from today:

ASK EDDY   CBY   4F   :48   FAST   DIRT  B   5/38

The workout reads:

Horse’s name; track where the work occurred; distance; time; track condition; surface; type of work; rank against other works at that distance/surface.

Most of the work line is self explanatory but I’ll touch on two here that perhaps aren’t or are misunderstood.

Type of work: works can be done “Breezing” or “Handily”.  Breezing is that, in the opinion of the clockers, the horse did the workout on it’s own without urging from the rider while Handily would indicate that the horse was encouraged by it’s rider.  In theory, that would mean if two horses both worked 4 furlongs in :48 but one was breezing and one was handily, you could infer that the breezing work would be “better”.

The rank, as stated above, is the rank of the work relative to all the other horses that worked 4 furlongs.  A horse that is the fastest at the distance gets a black dot, or a “bullet” next to the work in the Racing Form under his past performances, hence the term “bullet work” or the horse “fired a bullet” in preparing for the his next race.

Does a bullet work make that horse the best of the day?  Not necessarily.  The only time who comes in first matters is on race day and just because the horse has the fastest work doesn’t mean that it accomplished all the trainer wanted it to accomplish.  A trainer once told me “It’s not how fast that matters, but HOW the horse did the work.”  In other words, if the horse did his work well within himself and comes back just fine then he may have accomplished more than the horse that was flat out to get the best work time and comes back exhausted.


14 thoughts on “ASK EDDY Gets 1st Canterbury Work

  1. Great post! Thanks for the update as well. Nice picture of Eddy.

    How is Mundy doing? Is she close to a race (perhaps the same weekend as Eddy?) or will she need some time?

    • Mundy is doing well. They could very well end up running the same weekend. She’s galloping, staying fit and doing very nicely.

      • There is a good chance that we will bring her back at the same level or perhaps an open allowance. We’ll have to take a look at our options in about a week and decide.

  2. Thanks for letting us know how Eddy is doing and for the explanation. Also, thanks to Heather for the great photo!

  3. Now that we are 3 days after Eddy’s workout, how has he rebounded from the workout and did his foot recover without any further problems. Hope he and Mundy are ready to run soon.

    • Eddy’s biggest issue appears to be a bit of fitness loss. He’ll need another week of stamina building and perhaps another work to make sure he’s ready to compete. Mundy is doing just fine and its about time to find her next race. It’s been less than two weeks since the claim and most races need about 3 weeks between starts to maintain effectiveness barring injury.

    • Yes. We’re just waiting on all the bills to come in. With the claim being so late in the month of April, we didn’t receive an April bill, it will all be bundled in May’s.

  4. I see that we don’t have anyone entered on Thurs 6/13, are there any races in the condition books for Eddy and/or Munday on Fri-Sun (6/14-616)?

  5. I see Mundy is in the 4th race on Friday 6/14. We’ll see everyone there if we can find a babysitter.

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