ASK EDDY Works Well

EDDY was finally able to get his second work in since the weather washed out his previous attempt on Sunday and the main track was closed yesterday. EDDY covered the five furlongs in 1:00.80 placing him 2nd of 15 works at the distance today. He did it pretty well and Clay said that he came back just fine but they were icing his ankles as a precaution.

“Now it’s time to get a race,” Clay said this morning.

The issue with the coming weekend is the rainout this past Sunday is going to wreak havoc with this Sunday’s schedule and the $4000 or $5000 claiming race we would be pointing toward will likely not be used. Therefore we will look in the new condition book and see what is coming up shortly. Eddy appears to be ready to roll and we don’t want to waste any time getting him entered.


Right now it appears as if we should have a nice firm turf course on Friday with little rain in the forecast. That said, should there be a change and the race comes off the turf, MUNDY would be scratched. Again, that appears unlikely as of now but for planning purposes you all should know that if the race goes off the turf, MUNDY will scratch.

Mundy Past Performances


14 thoughts on “ASK EDDY Works Well

    • EDDY’s were posted back in late April, but I need to check on MUNDY, I don’t believe we posted those. I will arrange to get them posted.

  1. I found an easy way to check on any horse on It’s free, and I receive notices of any workouts, entries, and results of all horses (and trainers) in my virtual stable by email. It keeps me up-do-date, and one can check past performances on any horse, owner, or trainer.

  2. Mundy looks very consistent. It’s also cool to see all the high profile people that have been involved with her!

  3. I’m sure this varies by trainer and horse, but is there a typical strategy when it comes to the race level for a horse for the first race after a claim? I’ve noticed that both of our horses are being pointed to races that are right at the claiming level at which we got them.

    Obviously you want to put your horse in the best chance to win and take home the purse, but how do trainers typically weigh this against buying a horse at a set amount, investing money to train/house/feed/improve the horse, and then risk having it get claimed for the initial investment?


    • Good question, Jeff. Let’s say that the horse you claimed won her last race. She would have proven herself at that level and it would be time to try and move her on up. If she didn’t, then you need to evaluate what you have and determine her proper level. It may be the claiming price, it may be even below the claiming price. Financially we can use MUNDY as an example. If she wins this race and gets claimed, we didn’t make anything on the purchase but picked up $12,000 for the win and we look for another horse. If she doesn’t win and gets claimed for what we bought her for we didn’t really make anything (depending upon where she finishes) but then she really may not be worth the $16,000 either that someone just bought her for.

      If you claim a horse that didn’t win and you spend some time and money trying to improve them but run them over their head and they can’t win, you really didn’t accomplish anything in making your money back. You have to evaluate them all individually once you get them in the barn and then place them where they can win.

      Looking at our two, MUNDY obviously doesn’t stand head and shoulders above this field. She belongs. EDDY has had some well known issues which will probably prevent him from moving too far up the ladder so a $4,000/$5,000 race probably makes sense to give him the opportunity to compete successfully.

    • The odds of a race this Sunday is remote with the cancellation of racing last Sunday and the attempt to bring back as many of the cancelled races as possible. It is much more likely that he will race next weekend. There are a couple of races in the new condition book next weekend that I know Clay is interested in for him.

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