MUNDY Replay

MUNDY came back from her race very well. She ate up nicely and shows no signs of soreness or too much fatigue. It will be nice for her to catch a firm turf course at some point so she can run over the surface that she prefers. We’ll let her rest up and then find the next spot – most likely the same level/same distance.

Keep your eyes on this space for ASK EDDY’s race announcement. We’ll be looking to enter Thursday for Saturday.

Thanks to all of you that came out and I look forward to seeing you all again – along with more of the Club members – as the season goes on.


14 thoughts on “MUNDY Replay

  1. It was great watching her run! I thought she ran a very good race, finished well even though the turf wasn’t to her liking. Glad she came out of it well also. Thank you to all who made this possible.

    Does this mean Eddy will be entered for a Saturday race?

    • Yes. I had thought we were looking at Sunday but turns out it was Saturday. Hopefully it fills up and it gets used. He’s as ready as he can get!

  2. Ted it was nice meeting you last night we enjoyed talking to you. You can tell you genuinely love what you do! We didn’t get in the winners circle ( 3rd isn’t bad ) maybe next time! Sam & Julie Dalton

  3. Ted, no need to reply, just wanted to thank you for all you do for the Club. I have no doubt Mundy wll be in the winner’s circle next out—she ran well in not-optimal conditions. So thanks to her too! — Lyn Cowan

  4. Which Saturday race are we looking at for Eddy?

    Race 5 – $10k open claimer
    Race 8 – $4k non-winner of 2 races in 2013

    • While I would love for EDDY to be sharp enough to be competitive in a $10,000 race, the $4000 race is a more realistic spot for him.

    • For those of you that don’t know, Heliskier went down to his knees out of the gate today (Sunday) so far that his nose hit the turf. Jockey Derek Bell did a great job staying on board and didn’t push him very hard after that, possibly fearful of any possible injuries the horse may have sustained. The lastest reports are that he’s back in the barn and walking around okay. He will be re-evaluated tomorrow and it looks as though he escaped serious injury.

  5. Thanks Ted, now I don’t have to worry about him. But fingers crossed that he passes all tests tomorrow with flying colors!

  6. I have two parts to my question. The first is when will we know if ask eddy race fills? And the second is when a race filks how is it determined who becomes the also eligables?

    • EDDY’s race will be drawn on Wednesday for Saturday, so we’ll know Wednesday afternoon.

      If a race is over-subscribed (receives more entries than can start) there may be an “also eligible” list in case there are scratches in the main field – almost exclusively in turf races since races coming off the turf due to weather can result in numerous scratches. This tries to ensure that there are a decent number of betting interests in a race even if the surface is changed. The “AEs”, as they are known, are ranked in order of “preference date”. There are 17 rules governing preference dates but to summarize it takes into account how long a horse has been on the grounds, when it last raced and whether it scratched or not in it’s previous race and why. It’s a bit more complex than that, but that’s the basics of how the AEs are structured. Preference date also governs an oversubscribed dirt race with horses with a better preference date getting in while others waiting for the next race. EDDY should be okay since he has been on the grounds since prior to opening day but you never know until all the entries are drawn.

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