Get Ready for EDDY!

(Video credit: Michelle Benson)

ASK EDDY drew into the 8th race on Saturday. The race is a $4000 claiming race going a mile and 70 yards over the dirt for horses that have not won 2 races in 2013.

EDDY is 8-1 on the morning line which is 5th in the field of 10. That’s only one man’s opinion and I will lay out a post in a day or so on just how we can win this race. That said, EDDY has a lot of question marks and it remains to be seen how effective he can be.

I’ve asked to see if we can have a gathering spot again on Saturday. It may be a bit more problematical on a Saturday but you never know. Should we have a spot I will meet you all there for the 7th race and then Group 2 will head over to the paddock.


2 thoughts on “Get Ready for EDDY!

  1. So glad Eddy has his dancing shoes on and is ready to go. His past performance sheet [listed previously]; August 20, 2010 thru Feb. 19. 2012, shows him to be a real go getter while wearing blinkers. Do we know why the blinkers were removed after the 2-19-2012 race at OP?

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