Go to Work With MUNDY

(Video Credit: Michelle Benson)

It looks like the technical difficulties are taken care of and here is the video of MUNDY exercising last Wednesday.  Her exercise rider wore a “jockey cam” so you get a nice rider’s eye view of the racetrack in the morning with horses having timed works on the inside and some joggers on the outside.

We’ll be looking after the 4th for MUNDY’s next race but we anticipate it being right about the same level/distance as her previous race – prefereably over a firm turf course.


3 thoughts on “Go to Work With MUNDY

  1. Ted, thanks for the video. When you say after the 4th, do you mean after the entire 4th weekend or just after the actual 4th and a race could possibly be later that same weekend? Also how is Eddy doing after the victory?

    • After the 4th itself. It could very well be that weekend, but it would have to be an overnight rather than a race in the book since there isn’t one that fits her in the condition book. (Primer: The condition book includes races that are planned to be run each day for a 3 or 4 week period. “Overnight” races are races that are written by the racing secretary “on the fly” or each day as opportunities come up to fill races. It could be that there becomes a need for a $5000 non-winners of 3 at a mile and 1/16 but there isn’t one in the condition book. He may write that race and make it an “overnight” and trainers can enter their horses in those races as well as the races in the book.)

      EDDY is doing relatively well. He’s eating well and appears to be moving fine.

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