MUNDY Race Update

So far turf races are scheduled to go on as scheduled but there is no determination yet on what the track condition will be listed come race time. There are showers forecasted for later today. Fingers crossed that they hold off until AFTER the 4th race!

Should anything change, I will post again. If nothing changes I will see some of you at the track this evening!

Good luck!

MUNDY’s Race Breakdown

If anyone has followed my own blog in the past, the day before/of a race of one of our horses I post a blog where I breakdown the race and make the case that we can win. I’ll give it a shot here for MUNDY. I’ll list the horses by post position with the trainer/jockey in parenthesis and then a brief analysis.

1 – Lookinatmindy (Brinson/Martin): Clay’s other horse will look to close from off the pace. The may just be enough pace to run into, unfortunately part of the pace that would have to collapse for Lookinatmindy would be Mundy!

2 – Mundy (Brinson/Rivera): Juan Rivera retains the ride on our claim. She didn’t care for the soft going last out and she does her best work on the front end, but she’ll have some company there this trip.

3 – Morgans a Blumin (Robertson/Eikleberry): Return to the races for this steady Minnesota bred. Has proven that she belongs in open company winning an open allowance here last season.

4 -Extract (Shorter/Shepherd): $10,000 claim at Oaklawn two back, managed a 3rd at Prairie Meadows and now tried the turf where she is 1-4 lifetime.

5 – Vertical Lift (Rhone/Butler): Back on the turf where she is most comfortable. You can cross out that last race and she certainly belongs in here.

6 – Grace of Greatness (Robertson/Franco): Never off the board at Canterbury – including a 3rd in last year’s Princess Elaine Stakes – she had some trouble after traveling to Chicago.

7 – Inside Deal (Brueggemann/Goodwin): Speedy winner of last two against higher classes will look to take the field gate to wire. If she’s still “on” she’s going to be tough to beat here.

8 – Machorina (Biehler/Bell): Last out winner over the soft turf. She looks to be in top form and will be sitting just off the pace and could be in perfect position to pounce.

9 – Coconino (McFarlane/Stevens): She was thought enough of by trainer McFarlane to get claimed right back and brought up to Minnesota where she faltered in losing last over the soft going to Machorina.

This is a tough field of fillies and mares that are going to go at it. We know that our gal likes the front end but there is a real speedster in Inside Deal that is going to want to go with her. While Machorina also seems to enjoy the front end, she was able to stalk last out and a repeat of that is likely what the connections have in mind. Clay’s other horse, Lookinatmindy, is going to want to pick up the pieces should the front end fall apart.

The question is why is Inside Deal dropping down like this after winning two races at higher levels? If she is having some trouble then there is the real possibility that we could get on an uncontested lead which she (and us) would love. There is the real possibility that the owners, Midwest Thoroughbreds, are okay losing the horse for what they paid for it back in July after picking up two wins and two thirds – especially if they can pocket the win money here. All in all that would be a very successful claim.

We’ll know more Friday evening. Best of luck and I’ll see you at the track!

Paddock Groups and Friday Night at Silks

You all should have received an e-mail but just in case you have not, I thought I’d post the information here as well. There is a space in Silks reserved for Club members that wish to congregate there for the races on Friday night.

We split up the group into 4 parts for paddock access:

A – F – Group 1
G – K – Group 2
L – R – Group 3
S – Z – Group 4

For Friday night, Ted will be at Silks for the 3rd race and will accompany Group 1 folks over to the paddock immediately after race 3 is complete. We want to get everyone into the paddock well before the jockeys come out of the tunnel. If you make your way over to the paddock late and you see the jockeys already in the walking ring, then you’re too late and will have to wait for your group’s next turn. Please also be cognizant of the single guest policy. In addition to Ted, Michelle and Jalique should also be around to help in the paddock.

If we are fortunate enough to win a race, all members are invited to the Winners’ Circle for the photo, no guests please. File in as quickly as possible and gather for the photo. There will be folks there to help shepherd us in and out as orderly as we can be – let’s hope that this is an issue we will need to deal with often!

In the event that the race on Friday is off the turf, MUNDY will be scratched. Should that occur early in the day, we will let you know via the blog as quickly as possible. Scratches are also posted on the Canterbury Park website starting around 11 AM and are updated throughout the day.

ASK EDDY Works Well

EDDY was finally able to get his second work in since the weather washed out his previous attempt on Sunday and the main track was closed yesterday. EDDY covered the five furlongs in 1:00.80 placing him 2nd of 15 works at the distance today. He did it pretty well and Clay said that he came back just fine but they were icing his ankles as a precaution.

“Now it’s time to get a race,” Clay said this morning.

The issue with the coming weekend is the rainout this past Sunday is going to wreak havoc with this Sunday’s schedule and the $4000 or $5000 claiming race we would be pointing toward will likely not be used. Therefore we will look in the new condition book and see what is coming up shortly. Eddy appears to be ready to roll and we don’t want to waste any time getting him entered.


Right now it appears as if we should have a nice firm turf course on Friday with little rain in the forecast. That said, should there be a change and the race comes off the turf, MUNDY would be scratched. Again, that appears unlikely as of now but for planning purposes you all should know that if the race goes off the turf, MUNDY will scratch.

Mundy Past Performances

Mundy Goes Friday; Eddy on Deck


Canterbury Racing Club’s first race of 2013 is Friday night, June 14, when Mundy goes postward in the 4th race in a $16,000 claiming race going 7 1/2 furlongs over the turf course.

I’ll do a complete rundown of the race later in the week, but it is going to be a pretty tough race with some talented runners. Morgans a Blumin is making her return to the races in the race and last out winners Machorina and Inside Deal are also included. This is what you get once you hit the $16,000 level here – some legitimate horses in a very competitive race.


As mentioned last time, after his last work it showed that Eddy’s fitness level needed some boosting. He was scheduled to work 5 furlongs this morning but the weather postponed that move. He will go as soon as possible and then we’ll evaluate him. From what we’ve seen so far, though, all looks good and we’ll be entering for as early as next weekend.


Obviously we can’t have 200 people in the paddock and winners’ circle, so I will be splitting the list of the group up and randomly assigning folks numbers 1 through 5. Group 1 will be able to access the paddock and, hopefully, winners’ circle, the first race we run. Group 2 the 2nd, Group 3 the 3rd, etc. I will send that out by email later this week so keep an eye out – it will come either directly from myself or via Jeff. Please limit access to you and one guest. With the fields filling up there is less room in the paddock and we need to be cognizant of the other owners and trainers as well as the horses in the walking ring.

ASK EDDY Gets 1st Canterbury Work

Eddy I

(Photo Credit: Heather Frisbie)

ASK EDDY had his first timed workout this morning at Canterbury Park.  He went out about 8:45 in the morning and went 4 furlongs (one half mile).  There were a few things we were looking at getting from this workout:

How much fitness did Eddy lose while recuperating?

How would his injury hold up under stress?

Is abscess healed or will it hamper his running?

Questions 1 & 3 were answered.  Eddy completed the 4 furlongs in :48 and looked pretty good doing it.  His exercise rider this morning did report that he was tiring during his gallop out after the wire which indicates that he may not be in race shape just yet.  It was also pretty clear that the abscess didn’t hamper him at all.

It will take a day or two after the workout to determine how he’s feeling.  Although we were looking at next weekend for Eddy’s first race, it looks like he may need another week to tighten up his fitness level.


There was a question on the last blog on how to read a workout line.  Here is how Eddy’s line reads from today:

ASK EDDY   CBY   4F   :48   FAST   DIRT  B   5/38

The workout reads:

Horse’s name; track where the work occurred; distance; time; track condition; surface; type of work; rank against other works at that distance/surface.

Most of the work line is self explanatory but I’ll touch on two here that perhaps aren’t or are misunderstood.

Type of work: works can be done “Breezing” or “Handily”.  Breezing is that, in the opinion of the clockers, the horse did the workout on it’s own without urging from the rider while Handily would indicate that the horse was encouraged by it’s rider.  In theory, that would mean if two horses both worked 4 furlongs in :48 but one was breezing and one was handily, you could infer that the breezing work would be “better”.

The rank, as stated above, is the rank of the work relative to all the other horses that worked 4 furlongs.  A horse that is the fastest at the distance gets a black dot, or a “bullet” next to the work in the Racing Form under his past performances, hence the term “bullet work” or the horse “fired a bullet” in preparing for the his next race.

Does a bullet work make that horse the best of the day?  Not necessarily.  The only time who comes in first matters is on race day and just because the horse has the fastest work doesn’t mean that it accomplished all the trainer wanted it to accomplish.  A trainer once told me “It’s not how fast that matters, but HOW the horse did the work.”  In other words, if the horse did his work well within himself and comes back just fine then he may have accomplished more than the horse that was flat out to get the best work time and comes back exhausted.