EDDY Feeling His Oats; MUNDY Ready – CORRECTION

EDDY has been back to the track since his thrilling win and looks great.  The ankle appears to be holding up okay and the time off did EDDY a world of good.  There is no telling how long this period will last so since he’s tearing the barn up and appears to be raring to go, we may strike while the iron is hot and enter tomorrow for Saturday.  Entries are taken WEDNESDAY and we will know then if we get into the race.  It’ll be a little higher up the class ladder but not so much that we push him out of his comfort zone.  I’ll post tomorrow afternoon once the entries are announced.

MUNDY is also ready to go so we’ll be looking for a race for her as soon as one is ready: same level, distance and surface is what we’re looking for, but we can reach up a little or drop down a little in class if the rest of it fits.  It’d be nice if she could go on Saturday, too, but the race that would fit her may be a bit too tough.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’m going to run some dates by Clay for tours later this week so hopefully I’ll be able to announce those dates as well as the weekend comes.

EDDY’s winners’ circle photos are ready and can be picked up at the 3rd floor information booth!


15 thoughts on “EDDY Feeling His Oats; MUNDY Ready – CORRECTION

  1. Really sweet looking Eddy race in the condition book for Saturday. 5k claimer for horses that haven’t won 2 races in 2013. Eddy’s win on the 22nd doesn’t count (claiming prize was too low). And it’s at 1-1/16 mile. $12,000 purse!

    Should even get the full 4lb allowance. Perfect!

  2. Lets hope eddys race fills! When youvsay we are moving up a bit in class foes that mean an open 4k claimers or are we going even higher?

  3. I see that Eddy is entered Saturday, great! Looking forward to seeing him run again.

    However, I don’t see a race that looks good for Mundy on Sunday, am I missing something? Or will she have to wait another week?

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