EDDY Makes It Two in a Row


Under an excellent ride by Alex Canchari, ASK EDDY sat just off the pace and unleashed a rally in the stretch to overwhelm a field of $5000 claimers. Here is a photo of the break I took.

EDDY Breaking

Not bad for a camera phone!

Very nicely done all the way around. We’ll see in a few days how he came back and then we’ll see what is next. We also enter MUNDY tomorrow for Friday night, so stay tuned!


17 thoughts on “EDDY Makes It Two in a Row

  1. It was fabulous! We are so lucky! Special thanks to Clay and his crew, and to you Ted for your hard work. I swear Eddy checks the size of his crowd before he decides to run and win.

    Did I hear that one of Clay’s workers was recognized for something? Can you tell us what it was? (I couldn’t quite hear the announcer where I was) Congrats to him for the recognition!

    I looked at the condition book for Friday night and I cannot quite figure out where Mundy would be running.- is it the allowance race on the turf? Thanks.

    • One of Clay’s grooms was recognized as Groom of the Week! AND…he’s EDDY’s groom!!

      The race is not in the condition book but is opening tomorrow. $12,500 CL going 7.5 on the grass.

      • Who’s the jockey? And how do owners usually decide on who rides which horses? Is it based on style or anything? I think we’d all be really happy if it was Alex Canchari again.

      • My guess is that Juan Rivera will ride MUNDY again. He rode her consistently throughout the past year even when she was with Mike Chambers. He knows the horse and she is comfortable with him plus he’s a good rider.

        The trainer tends to have riders that are regular riders for him or her, but they also like to make sure that the jockey will fit the horse. EDDY is a big, aggressive horse and Alex is a strong aggressive rider and they fit each other well, for example. He also had ridden EDDY in some previous wins so, again, he knows the horse and his tendencies.

  2. Great ride and an exciting race. Wasva bit cocerned when I heardvthe announcement of a claim…but not Eddy.

  3. Great win, and the crowd fed off the energy of the Club — they love Eddy! Very fun today, and a great ride Alex….absolutely perfect coming into the stretch. Really well done.

    So glad he didn’t get claimed so we can have one more ride!

  4. Great show, Eddy! Another carrot cake for you, and carrot cupcakes for connections! — The excitement is all I need!
    Next stop (hoping): Friday night in winner’s circle with our Mundy! (Let’s hope turf is firm….)

    • As I have mentioned in response to several questions on this, we had some delay on the first bills, but they are in the office now and when I get back this weekend I will plug in the dollars and post the spreadsheet.

    • Absolutely. We had some miscommunication with clay regarding the billing but think we have that taken care of. Our first bills, covering from te claim through June, should be here this week. I’ll run through them, place them in a spreadsheet an post in this spot.

  5. Who is responsible for Eddys braiding? I think it is his good luck charm. I have only done a very rough calculation but I think Eddy is very close to covering all his expenses (including claim amt) with his two pay checks. Can’t ask for much more than that at this level!!
    Any progress on the backside tour dates?

    • The grooms in the barn will take care of the braiding. I’m actually impressed that they were able to braid him all the way this time as cranky as EDDY can get. I think they discovered that if you bribe him with peppermints you can get away with a bit more with him!

      TENTATIVE dates for tours are: July 28, August 14 and August 25 (limit 50 per group). Clay and I have not gone over the dates yet. We’d be looking at mid-morning (after working hours, before racing) on the Sunday dates and mid-afternoon on the Wednesday dates. Details will follow. I’m also looking at a season end event that would coincide with morning workouts as well – on the frontside, not on the back.

      Again, details will follow in a complete post and possibly an email shortly.

  6. When I look at the owner stats the Cby Racing Club 2013 does not show up. Should it with 3 2 0 1 stats or are we included under Mr. Simpsons stats?

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