And Now A Word From Our Trainer…

Video Credit: Shelly Benson

11 thoughts on “And Now A Word From Our Trainer…

  1. Hey Jeff/Ted Not sure if this is just an issue with my email or everyone’s but there was no video embedded in the email. I went to the web site and viewed it. If you intended for it to be in the email, it may not have happened.


  2. Thanks for the update, we really appreciate any news about the horses, trainer, etc. Glad Eddy came out of the race well. (Any chance you can get a conformation shot of the horses for us? Thanks.)

    Looking forward to seeing Mundy run tomorrow.

  3. What is the status of the accounting for June bills and income? Also, any chance we’d claim another horse?

    • As I mentioned in a response to a question two days ago: The bills came in this week and I will have them done this weekend. As of right now we would not claim another horse until if/when we lose one of the horses we have now. That could change with another couple of wins, but right now we will continue to run with two.

  4. Thanks for the update from Clay.
    Also, Ted, thanks for all your postings and keeping us up to date.
    See you Friday.

    • She’s a bit shorter and less beefy – which makes sense as a mare. Calling her about 15.2 is probably fair.

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