MUNDY Scoped; EDDY Gearing Up

MUNDY came back from her race okay but when Juan got off her he mentioned that she coughed a bit on the way back to be unsaddled and seemed to just not have been into the race at all – that he really had to get after her to get her to run.

Clay was a concerned so he had her throat scoped to make sure that she had not bled or had some other issue to during the race. It turns out that one of the flaps in her throat had stuck shut so she was only getting half the air that she should have normally been getting. Sometimes this happens in horses when they get worked up though not every time. The news is that this condition, while permanent, is not necessarily something that will happen every time – or every other time even. There is not much you can do except run her in a figure eight bridle and utilize a tongue tie, which is what we’ve been doing.

A couple of thoughts on her next race: possibly try her at 6.5 on the dirt. Her last workout on the dirt got us thinking that maybe she might do well over the main surface. Her couple of most recent tries were awful, but they were also in stakes races.

We also could drop her to $7500 over the turf and see if she can catch a field where she can go to the lead and settle, something that she can’t do against the caliber of horse she’s been running against. We’d run the risk of her getting claimed but the point isn’t to protect your horse, the point is to try and win races and earn money.

EDDY has been exercising just fine and could run again the weekend of July 27th in an open $5,000 claiming race, a small notch above his last race. He seems to be doing well and we want to make sure that we keep bringing him along steadily.

We also could be looking at that weekend for our first backside tour. Details to follow.


3 thoughts on “MUNDY Scoped; EDDY Gearing Up

  1. “but the point isn’t to protect your horse, the point is to try and win races and earn money.”

    As someone that has been in a few minor partnerships, this is very very good advice for folks. Horses eat the same hay if they run or don’t, and if they win or place 9th.

    • Lincster: I’ve always told my partners – and anyone else that would listen – that if you run in claimers and you’re not a little bit afraid that your horse might get claimed, you’re probably running in the wrong spot (too high). Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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