A Little Video Respite

Here is a little video respite from the heat. MUNDY back getting some exercise and captured by the incomparable Shelly Benson!

4 thoughts on “A Little Video Respite

  1. Has her breathing flap problem repeated itself?
    Had this ever happened to her before?
    She looked good in the paddock, but noticed it took a push to get her into the starting gate and she looked nervous while waiting for the other horses to load.

    • It has not repeated itself since the race. Also, the medical history of a racehorse does not follow it from claim to claim so there is no way of knowing if this has ever happened before. Juan did not say anything to Clay about it happening before. My guess is that it may have which is why she wasn’t claimed back by her old owners when we offered her up at $12,500.

    • As I stated in the last post, “Sometimes this happens in horses when they get worked up though not every time. The news is that this condition, while permanent, is not necessarily something that will happen every time – or every other time even. There is not much you can do except run her in a figure eight bridle and utilize a tongue tie, which is what we’ve been doing.”

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