EDDY Video & Pics; No Races This Weekend; Tours Start Sunday

A lot to cover today!


Below is some video that Michelle Benson put together along with some still shots of EDDY going over to the track to gallop yesterday. Clay said our boy is feeling very good and we’re looking to enter him as soon as possible. We tried yesterday in an open $5000 claiming race but it only drew 3 entries so that didn’t go. We may be looking at a $6,250 or maybe even a $7,00 claiming race. Another possibility is to enter EDDY in a $7500 turf race but as an “Also Eligible” for the “Main Track Only”. This puts us in a position to get into the race should it be called off the turf and several horses scratch.


Though doing well, Clay wanted to give MUNDY another week or so before her next race. Her better efforts seemed to have been off of longer breaks and 2 weeks just didn’t seem to agree with her.


The backside tour dates have been set. Each tour will be limited to 75 people. We will split you up into 3 groups of 25 and we will check out the Administration building, the trainer’s stand/workouts and the pool before gathering outside of Clay’s barn where either EDDY or MUNDY will be led out and Clay will be available to answer questions. There is too much activity and too many people to get through the barn but Clay will have one of the groom’s bring out a horse so we can take some pictures.

We will meet at 9:45 at the backside gate. Jeff, Jilique and I will me you there and escort you in. The tour is a walking tour and the distance traveled and amount of standing will be considerable so please keep this in mind when rsvp-ing. I would anticipate the tours lasting about 90-minutes or so. The dates are:

THIS Sunday, July 28th and;
Sunday, August 11

We are also looking at one large group event one of the last weekends of the meet in the morning on the frontside leading into the raceday.

Email me at ted@grevelisracing.com to rsvp. Should we “oversubscribe” one of the dates, we will use the time stamp on the email as the divider.







Photo credits: MICHELLE BENSON


6 thoughts on “EDDY Video & Pics; No Races This Weekend; Tours Start Sunday

  1. Love the video, thanks! A couple of questions: is Eddy a horse that needs to be ponied even for a workout? How does a jockey get a horse to change leads during a race? i.e. what aids do they use? Is it different from just riding normally and asking for a lead change? Thanks.

    • I’ve seen EDDY ponied to the track and I’ve seen him go alone so he doesn’t have to have a pony each time, though I suspect there are days that EDDY needs one.

      As far as the lead changes go, USUALLY a jock just has to ask for a lead change (slight weight shift and/or movement in the reins). However that may not always be successful. Sometimes down the lane you’ll see a jock tap the horse’s front end with his stick to remind him to change it up.

      For those of you that aren’t sure what we’re discussing, a horse at a gallop leads with a particular leg. That leg will get tired over time so it’s important for the horse to switch leads to stay “fresh”. A racehorse is usually trained to lead with the left leg while rounding the turn for balance, but switch to the right lead on the straightaways between the turns to rest the left. Many times when you see that a horse in the lane has “found another gear” it’s because he has switched leads and is a bit stronger. Conversely, if the horse doesn’t switch leads it can get pretty tired and can be the cause of a fade in the stretch.

  2. Hello, We’re coming to the track tomorrow night. Are there photo’s of Eddy’s last win available ?


  3. Sure hope that the Extra Race #7 from the overnight for Thursday goes for Ask Eddy. It would be nice to run him as a horse that has run for $4000 or less condition and not have him for sale!

    • Only 2 horses entered… We’ll be evaluating our options the next couple of days including skipping up a couple of claiming levels. EDDY is ready to go – he needs to get out on the track.

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