EDDY on Friday Night

ASK EDDY will be running for the first time for us without a claiming tag on Friday night in the 5th race. The condition is a starter allowance for horses that have raced for a claiming price of $5000 or less OR $7500 claiming. As a refresher, if you ran for $5,000 or less you do not have to be eligible to get claimed or you can enter for $7500.

The field is only 6 horses but there is definitely some competition at the top – including us. Alex Canchari has opted to ride another horse in the race so we will retain the services of Nik Goodwin.

The 5th race should go off around 8:35. My kids are landing at MSP at 8:57 so, unless there is a delay in their flight, I will end up missing the race, though either Jeff or Jilique will be there to more than ably fill in.

More details to follow as well as the analysis of the race later in the week.

Good luck!


17 thoughts on “EDDY on Friday Night

  1. Ted,
    Clay must have worked hard to get this race going.
    Thanks for taking the time this morning for the backside tour. It was much more than I expected. I didn’t think we would get close enough to Eddy and Mundy to touch and take such great pictures. I think they knew they were their to have their pictures taken the way they posed, Camera hounds. (also peppermint lovers.)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. EDDY really surprised me this morning – kudos to Juan for having him so well under control!

  2. Sorry I won’t be there for Eddy’s race. Please cheer him on for me!! Has Clay said anything about Mundy? I had heard maybe another week?

    • She will be another week. We’re looking at dropping her a notch and still going 7.5 furlongs on the grass.

  3. I echo those sentiments – the tour was great! Thanks to all who took their time to do it for us and to answer all our questions. The horses looked wonderful and it was really nice to be able to take pictures and actually touch them. If you weren’t able to attend this round I would highly suggest you go the next time.

    Looking forward to Friday night. I’m glad we don’t have to worry about him being claimed! Sorry you can’t be there but enjoy your family.

    • It was a bit of surprise that we were able to get up close with them. We were told as late as Saturday to not expect EDDY out at all and that MUNDY would only be out for a couple of minutes since they both tend to get pretty wound up. I’m glad it worked out so well.

      Good luck on Friday! I’ll be watching on my phone at the airport!

  4. Although I’m disappointed Alex won’t be riding, I’m sure it is strictly a business decision, and I trust Nik will do well. Right?

    • Nik’s having a pretty good year and Clay uses him from time to time so I’m not overly concerned other than Alex and EDDY seem to fit together well. And you’re right, it is a business decision. There are a lot of factors that go into which horse a jock chooses in a race. Primarily, they get paid when they win (10% of the winner’s share) as the mount fee for non-winning rides isn’t really enough to make a good living with, so they will jump off of a horse to ride another if they feel like they have a better chance of winning. However, there are other reasons: Maybe the trainer has another horse that the jock rides in big stakes? They may choose to ride that trainer’s lesser horses to keep the relationship good and keep that mount. It could be that trainer uses the jock considerably so in order to keep that business relationship solid and not lose a large portion of his business, the jock will go ahead and ride for that trainer in other races as opposed to a trainer that he doesn’t ride regularly for – even if that means taking off another mount that may have a better chance of winning.

      I NEVER begrudge a jockey who is looking out for himself and his family – I could see me doing the same thing. if I were in their position. A bit complex at times, but whatever the reason, I do enjoy beating jockeys that get off our horses so – Go Nik!!

  5. I have a question that I almost asked on the tour but didn’t because I am 90% sure I know the answer. It came up again because I called about maybe booking a table in the restaurant on Friday night and when I mentioned that one of my horses was running the lady said “Oh if you are a horseman, then you’ll talk to Tiffany”. Are we considered horsemen because we own 1/179th of two horses?

    • She is referring to 5%+ owners licensed by the MRC. However, we do try and create a special location for the Club folks each time we race. Jeff will be checking tomorrow if we can have a portion of Silks this Friday evening and I will let you know.

      • Also, that doesn’t mean you cannot reserve a table if you so choose. It’s just a different process.

  6. Mundy had a good workout today, but another horse I watch also had an even better workout – Perhaps either the track was really fast today, or the timer was off?

  7. I saw Mundy’s workout time also, she must be ready to go. (Didn’t she have a bullet work before her last race? If she hadn’t had the breathing problem I bet she would have done well in that one.)

    Are we back to the beginning of the alphabet for the paddock?

    • MUNDY is more than ready. We just need a race, but that could come as early as next weekend. And we are back to Group 1 in the paddock tomorrow night. Good luck!

  8. Where do we meet for the club group?

    Brad Redman
    District Sales Manager
    [Description: Description: 02 NAPA UnderCarSales Blue Type, Blue Boxed NAPA]

    • We’re efforting a location for the group as I write. Silks is already booked so that option is out. Jeff is checking on other spots and we’ll let you know as soon as we have something – or if we don’t.

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