End of Season Wrap

While we’ll still be racing even after the Canterbury season ends, we thought it would be nice to wrap things up in style with a little coffee and donut get together, enjoy morning works and put a bow on our summer.

Next Saturday, September 7, we’ll open up Silks and gather around 9:30 until…whenever. If we can get the race to fill, we may even have ASK EDDY going in the afternoon!

If you could RSVP to me at ted@grevelisracing.com to give us an idea of the numbers by the end of the day on Monday, that would be great.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

July Financials

A win per month has done us a world of good, though we still don’t have July’s vet bill in yet, we’re doing okay. Our largest monthly expense is training, as expected. Our second highest expense? Winners’ circle photos! THAT is a nice expense to have. We do get a special rate from Coady Photography but given our numbers, it still gets pricey so please remember to pick up your photos!

Take a look at financials through July here:

CBY RC Running Financials – July

ASK EDDY Preview

EDDY will be off in the 2nd race of the evening tonight, about 7:02. As I mentioned, I’ll be hell bent for leather to get up there for the paddock, but I’ll be hustling – just like EDDY shall.

No disguising this one: it’s going to be a tough one. A change in, or really a return to, strategy will hopefully give the big fella all he needs in order to be more competitive with this group this time out.

Magic Bullet (Van Winkle/Rivera) – finished just ahead of a tiring EDDY last time out. He kind of loped along behind the leaders and then picked up a check.

Raton Pass (R.Rarick/Barton) – Alex is off which may be helpful. This guy stalked EDDY beautifully before sticking a head in front of Dontlaffhespaidfor and prevailed under a very strong ride.

Dontlaffhespaidfor (Tronche/Escobar) – Had the tables turned on him by Raton Pass as these two take turns beating each other. Hopefully that battle with EDDY last time and then the struggle with Raton Pass in the lane took a lot out of him.

Awesome Year (Van Winkle/Eikleberry) – Two consecutive wins (though DQ’d out of one) and 3 of 4 at Canterbury this season, this boy wants to be close to the pace and that’s what we want – pacesetters. He’s going to be tough in here.

Freedom First (Donlin/Butler) – Dropping WAY down in class after being dominated in a $35,000 claiming race and the Blair’s Cove. The 2nd place finisher in the $10,000 Lakes opening weekend stretches out for the first time in a while and certainly has the class to do well here.

Morganouska (Schnell/Von Rosen) – Claimed last out for $4,000 off a turf win at this distance, he likes to come from just off the pace like EDDY but now debuts for a new barn with a new rider. Maybe this sprinter stretching out will flash some speed?


EDDY will need some speed in this race to sit behind and then run at. Breaking from post 7 should help and he’s not so far outside that he’ll be carried too wide through that first turn. There are not a lot of unknowns in here, only if EDDY can rate enough that he can make one good run at the top and let his guts carry him home. Eddie Martin is good off the pace rider so, while we know it will be tough, we’ll hope that Eddie on EDDY will be magic!

Good luck all and see you this evening!


She came back well last night. I spent some time with her and talking with Clay. She got hooked up with that cheap speed and she was fried by the lane. It was interesting watching the replay with Clay because it turns out we were thinking the same thing at the same time: when she shook loose from the 6 we thought she might be able to do it; then in the lane we thought she just might hit the board; then we knew we were dead…

She is sound as can be and really needs to be loose on the lead so she can relax. We will make sure the next few days that she is okay (all appearances are that she is) and look for our next spot. It may be we need to drop her another notch. If she goes, she goes, but we need to get her confidence back and get her on the earning train again.

We’ll turn our thoughts to EDDY tonight and see if he can turn the tables on this crew. Stay tuned for my thoughts on that alter this morning.

Here is another wonderful video put together by Shelly Benson on MUNDY’s evening:

Racing Arrangements

Canterbury venues are booked solid this weekend – starting this evening. I will meet the respective groups in the paddock for the races. I have an appointment in southern MN tomorrow but should make it in time for the paddock – I’ll be hoofing it to get there so if you have any state trooper or sheriff friends, let them know that the red jeep charging up the highway is on an important mission!

Good luck everyone and see you this evening.

MUNDY Takes on Eight as Tepid Favorite

You don’t see many morning line favorites at 4-1, but MUNDY is one tomorrow night as we drop her down in class and look for her elusive first win.

She does her best running on the front end and we’re hoping she can outbreak the other speed in her race on her flank and settle down on the front end, relax and have enough against this group to carry her home.

Here’s a look at the field:

Befuddler (Bravo/Butler) – Has only placed 3rd in 12 turf attempts and is 0-4 over the Canterbury turf.

Grace of Greatness (Robertson/Franco) – Minn bred has hit the board in 7 of 9 Canterbury turf starts including a 3rd in the 2012 Princess Elaine Stakes. Has not registered a win since 2011 however.

Moonshine Promise (Rarick/Canchari) – Had probably the most visually impressive win of the Canterbury meet, winning by 23 1/2 lengths in a dirt mile $6,250 claiming race. Her turf debut at $7500 immediately following however, was less impressive. She was 4th, beaten by 3 1/2 at 7 1/2 furlongs.

Visual Blessing (Bolinger/Martin) – Stretching out a bit after narrowly missing in two allowance dashes, she also switches to the turf for only the 4th time having never hit the board prior. She’ll look to be coming hard late.


Sixtysix Margaux (Chambers/Stevens) – Sharp winner last out in a $10,000 claiming sprint on the dirt. Never been 7 1/2 but the added distance shouldn’t faze her much. Has hit the board in 2 of 3 turf tries, but it’s been a while. Main worry? She has some early speed.

Terice (Kirby/Goodwin) – Minn bred has stuck to dirt sprinting recently but has a pair of 4ths last year over the Canterbury turf at 7 1/2 and a mile and a 1/16.

Sera’s Tunnel (Asmussen/Bell) – D Bell on the turf has been deadly this season – he has been a turf whiz. Narrowly missed catching another Clay Brinson horse, Lookinatmindy, last out at this level. Rugged mare has hit the board in 23 of 36 turf starts and looks to be in a good spot here.

Perfect Fashion (Donlin/Eikleberry) – Missed by a neck two starts back at this level and distance. Dropped down a notch last out but was bothered at the start and never got involved.

This is a very interesting race. The sprinters trying to stretch out from 6 furlongs could flash some early speed that will bother our girl. Some of the horses that are coming in after closing in their last few victories have shown early speed in the past – which style will they show this time?

MUNDY on a lead will be dangerous and Juan knows this mare very well. Against this group we should have a fighting chance when the running starts through that turn for home and we’ll hope that those sharp works she has had were an indicator of good things to come.

I will see Group 2 in the paddock before the race. We are efforting a spot at the track for the evening, but the last few weeks have been very busy at the venues. I will post information tomorrow when I know if we have secured a spot.

After the two races this week over the weekend we’ll post the next month’s financials as well as the first vet bill that finally reached us.

EDDY Goes Friday Night

EDDY on Friday

ASK EDDY is back in action this Friday night. We’ll be looking at the same race – and nearly the same field – that we looked at last time. This time EDDY gets the outside post (7) and the services of Eddie Martin, Jr and we’ll see if the Eddie on EDDY combination will carry us back to the winners’ circle.

Group 3 gets paddock access on Friday night. As a reminder, the breakdown is:

A – F – Group 1
G – K – Group 2
L – R – Group 3
S – Z – Group 4

EDDY will be race 2, approximately a 7:02 post time.


Thanks to everyone who turned out for the two tours this year. I hope that you all had fun and feel like you have a bit better insight into the goings on on the backside. We should get some pictures up this week. Both horses were on their best behavior…once MUNDY settled down from those scary, scary manure trucks!