EDDY Good; MUNDY Treading Water

EDDY appears to have come back from his race just fine. It was a tough spot for our boy and, as I feared, he inherited the early lead and that’s not where he likes to fire from – he likes to chase, not being the target. Now we’ll look see how he is when he heads out to the track later this week and start thinking about his next race. The $5,000 open claiming races are not filling so we may have to go to $6,250 or even $7,500 to find him a race.

Here is another great video presentation by Michelle Benson of the evening:

MUNDY is working really well as you’ve seen. We entered her for Friday night going 7 1/2 furlongs over the turf ($7500 CL) but the race did not get used. It was not brought back as an extra for Saturday, so we’re looking to see if it gets brought back for Sunday or the following week while also looking at maybe a dirt race for her going 6 1/2 furlongs.


8 thoughts on “EDDY Good; MUNDY Treading Water

  1. Why did the new jockey take him or let him go to the lead and stay there early? Like you said “he likes to chase, not being the target”. Isn’t the jockey supposed to know this?

    • I had mentioned in my preview that I was afraid about the pace, or lack thereof, in the race. With the small field, EDDY’s ability to break really well and having the rail, I’m not sure that Nik had much choice once EDDY decides to get going. With only 5 other horses and none with early speed, he got stuck with the lead and tried to do the best he could with the hand he was dealt when the gates popped.

  2. Was wondering why Mundy didn’t enter.into Race 4 on Sunday? Claiming 10,000 going 7.5 furlongs on the turf, thought that would be a good race for her.

    • That race is for males. Well, technically it’s open to all comers, but you’ll notice that there are no fillies or mares entered. Generally if the conditions don’t specify that it’s a race for fillies and mares, then it is race for males. It takes a special female to take the males on as an older horse (in 2YOs there is relatively little difference in size and muscle structure. While we, of course, love her, MUNDY is in no position to run against the boys.

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