Tour Tomorrow & MUNDY Thursday

Tomorrow will be our second backside tour.  There are a few more folks signed up this time so we may be separating into two groups with videographer extraordinaire, Shelly Benson, grabbing one and I shall take the unlucky rest of you!

Please meet at the stable entrance by 9:45 and we’ll get you all in and get started!  Wear comfortable shoes and expect plenty of walking.  We should be done in about an hour and a half to two hours.


MUNDY will be taking on nine on Thursday night.  The race is a $10,000 claiming race on the turf going 7.5 furlongs. At first glance it looks like she may have a shot to get the early lead, but more on that later in the week.  The race will be the 4th and Group 2 will have paddock access.


ASK EDDY came back from his race just fine, though a bit tired.  No one was going to beat those top 2, but I expected more out of him.  However he inherited the early lead by virtue of a small field and a great break and that’s just not where he wants to be.  We’ll be looking for a $5,000 claiming race next up in about a week and a half or two and hope that it fills…it has been really difficult getting those races to go.  We may move up to $6250 if we have to in order to race.


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