EDDY Goes Friday Night

EDDY on Friday

ASK EDDY is back in action this Friday night. We’ll be looking at the same race – and nearly the same field – that we looked at last time. This time EDDY gets the outside post (7) and the services of Eddie Martin, Jr and we’ll see if the Eddie on EDDY combination will carry us back to the winners’ circle.

Group 3 gets paddock access on Friday night. As a reminder, the breakdown is:

A – F – Group 1
G – K – Group 2
L – R – Group 3
S – Z – Group 4

EDDY will be race 2, approximately a 7:02 post time.


Thanks to everyone who turned out for the two tours this year. I hope that you all had fun and feel like you have a bit better insight into the goings on on the backside. We should get some pictures up this week. Both horses were on their best behavior…once MUNDY settled down from those scary, scary manure trucks!


14 thoughts on “EDDY Goes Friday Night

  1. I see Alex is not riding in the race at all, and does not ride until the John Bullit – any insight as to why? He seems to be riding every race on Thursdays night card.
    How did Eddy’s race come about? It was looking like it could be a bit of time and the level was questionable. I’m glad they are both running again.
    It looks like no horse is up for a claim in Eddy’s race.
    Can’t wait to hear the back story about the manure truck and our sweet Mundy.

    A side note to Ted – did you survive the sale without having someone trying to bid on you….

    • Alex was suspended by the stewards for a riding infraction so he will be resting for a few days involuntarily.

      We were called by the racing secretary to see if we would enter EDDY in the starter allowance. We were a bit hesitant given the tough time he had with this group last out but when you ask for a favor (the last race was written partially so we could get EDDY a race) you do, at some point, have to return the favor. So we entered. However we did not enter to be cannon fodder. We drew outside, which is nice and have moved to Eddie Martin, Jr. as the pilot who is a nice off the pace rider.

      We’re not in it to just show up; we’re in it to win it!

      When MUNDY was being brought out the manure trucks were coming by and emptying the bins. MUNDY stopped in her tracks and started acting up. Juan had a nice hold of her and we moved her to the other side and she settled down nicely.

      I did indeed survive the sale. No worries about bids on me – no one wants a broken down old gray!!

  2. Have you set up a date for the end of season front side get together yet? Are you able to share any details of what it may consist of yet? I think it’s a great idea.

    • Jeff and I just kicked around the idea a bit. It’ll be a coffee and donuts type morning where we can watch some of the last works of the season, rehash the year and enjoy each other’s company before we end the season.

  3. Yes thanks Ted for a great tour today . My friend and I throughly enjoyed it. Eddy and Munday were wonderful as well as beautiful. looking forward to the rest of the season , although it came up way too fast 😦 We were wondering, do the jockey’s each have their own saddles ?

  4. Ted if the race on Thursday is moved off the lawn will mundy be scratched? Or would that be a good time to try her on the dirt? And do you still pay the jock if she were to scratch?

    • It may be worth a try if we’re rained out. Jocks get paid when they ride. Though there may be exceptions if you fly a jock in for a race.

  5. Even though Alex C was given a few days by the stewards, is he still allowed to ride in stakes races? It seems he is listed on multiple stakes horses for Mac over Friday and Saturday. Is that the normal process or is that part of a appeal process?

    • I would defer to Jeff on this one but as I understand it, if you are named on a stakes horse, you are still allowed to ride so as to not punish the owner from having the services of the regular rider.

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