July Financials

A win per month has done us a world of good, though we still don’t have July’s vet bill in yet, we’re doing okay. Our largest monthly expense is training, as expected. Our second highest expense? Winners’ circle photos! THAT is a nice expense to have. We do get a special rate from Coady Photography but given our numbers, it still gets pricey so please remember to pick up your photos!

Take a look at financials through July here:

CBY RC Running Financials – July


16 thoughts on “July Financials

    • He has mellowed some. I have to think that he’s feeling much better than he did when we first got him and that alone would make him a bit happier. However, he still has his moments and there is a healthy respect for his crankiness.

    • At the earliest next weekend, which would be two weeks – and there is five days of racing to fill and horses are already starting to leave for the next meet. We’ll see what the overnights come out with and make sure EDDY and MUNDY are rested enough to make a go of it. We definitely want to get another start for each before heading to Chicago.

      • Racing ends the 14th of Sept. at Canterbury.
        Doesn’t that leave time for both to have 2 more races?
        What do you mean by “heading to Chicago”.

      • It could. That assumes that they are both able to go with 2 weeks rest and the races fill that we want to enter. After Festival weekend this weekend there may be 2 weekends but only 6 days of racing left.

        If neither animal is claimed they will go to Hawthorne with Clay’s stable.

    • We’re working to see what is going to be open for us one of the final two Saturdays of the meet and how much it will cost us.

  1. I’m just commenting to get the blog at my home email address…..I hope we can race during Festifal wewk-end so I can use my Mystic Lake coupons!

    • I don’t believe that will do it. I think you need to “follow” the blog signed in with your home address – that will do it.

  2. Is there any chance we’ll be racing this weekend at all? I have checked the entries but Monday’s aren’t out yet, and the condition book doesn’t look good for us on Monday either. (Family members want to know….I keep telling them to be patient…..) Thanks.

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