She came back well last night. I spent some time with her and talking with Clay. She got hooked up with that cheap speed and she was fried by the lane. It was interesting watching the replay with Clay because it turns out we were thinking the same thing at the same time: when she shook loose from the 6 we thought she might be able to do it; then in the lane we thought she just might hit the board; then we knew we were dead…

She is sound as can be and really needs to be loose on the lead so she can relax. We will make sure the next few days that she is okay (all appearances are that she is) and look for our next spot. It may be we need to drop her another notch. If she goes, she goes, but we need to get her confidence back and get her on the earning train again.

We’ll turn our thoughts to EDDY tonight and see if he can turn the tables on this crew. Stay tuned for my thoughts on that alter this morning.

Here is another wonderful video put together by Shelly Benson on MUNDY’s evening:


4 thoughts on “MUNDY, MUNDY, MUNDY…

  1. Is it too early to try her at a shorter distance on the dirt? Being that she gets out quickly, maybe she wouldn’t have to worry about having any dirt in her face? Since the Canterbury dirt sprints tend to favor early speed, and her workouts have been strong on dirt, is this a path we’d be willing to go at this point?

    • This is something that Clay and I have talked about. 5 or 6 furlongs may be too short for her, but if we could get a 6 1/2 furlong at around $10,000 claiming we’d give it a shot.

  2. I also wondered the same thing, whether a sprint distance might suit her better. Can you please explain why 5 or 6 furlongs might be too short for her? I’m curious. Thanks.

    • She tends to get her 1st quarters around 24 seconds, when she can get on the lead. In a 5.5 or 6 furlong dash she’ll need to get nearly 2 seconds faster in order to be on the lead where she likes to be and while her works have been solid, she doesn’t appear to have that “keen turn of speed” she would need in order to shake loose. In her one 6F effort, the leader went the 1st half in 44.22 and she was already nearly 10 lengths out of it. Her half miles, when she has been on the lead, have been a much more pedestrian 46 and change or even 47 in the race we claimed her out of.

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