MUNDY Claimed

MUNDY once again spurted out to a lead only to fade badly in the stretch. As each race has progressed this season, she has been more aggressive in wanting the lead and less apt to hold onto it.

For those of you that noticed, we did have a late jockey change and Juan Rivera was injured in a previous race and was unable to ride MUNDY. Given the full field we were fortunate to get Rusty Shaw aboard and, while he did what he could, MUNDY could not relax on the front end at all.

She was claimed out of the race by her former trainer, Mike Chambers and most likely will be heading back to AZ with her. My guess is, after racing 10 times in a little over 8 months, she will get 60 – 90 days off before returning to the races, which she probably needs. Given our status as a single year racing club, I think that we are better off with the claim since laying her off would have effectively meant that she was done for the year.

Best of luck to her and her new/old connections and we look forward to ASK EDDY on Friday night.

Some of you have asked if we will claim another horse and the short answer is: I don’t know. I’ll give the finances a once over this week and maybe see what EDDY does on Friday night. Perhaps we claim a consistent $7500 sort that we can run right back and see if we can get a win or two before the end of the season.


8 thoughts on “MUNDY Claimed

  1. Hi Ted
    Can you tell us little bit about how Executive Action’s accident happened and how the jock is? My thoughts and prayers have been with the jockey and the horse’s connections. I don’t think we should claim another horse. I think just hang on to Eddy and send him down to Chicago with Clay. Kathy

    • I don’t have a lot of specifics, but unlike times when a horse is cut off or interfered with, this was clearly a case where the horse suffered a sudden and fatal fracture in one of his front legs. Denny is fortunate (I know, hard to believe) because Executive Action was well placed forwardly in the race and he could have been trampled by the rest of the field. Quick reflexes by the other riders and a well timed roll to the inside quite possibly saved his life. Other than that, I have no other specifics.

  2. Hey Ted, can our club send the connections of Exeutive Action a gift of a dozen roses or floral dispaly as well as on to Denny to show the Canterbury Racing Club’s condolences for their tragic accident? I’m sure we have a enough funds in our account to ackowledge the we are sorry for the loss of their horse and that the Jock recovers quickly…I’m sure there’s a few other people who would like to send a gift or otherwise condoelnce to them from one barn to another….let us know if you can make that happen for us somehow!! Two days later I still feel bad that an owner and trainer lost their horse and that their jockey make it out of there without serious injuries….Please exoress our condolances to the horse and his connections in some way. I’m confident I’m not the only one who would like to see some compassion expressed to the owner, horse and the jockey from the Canterbury
    Racing club….Kathy

    • Should members of the Club wish to do something as individuals, I think that’s great, however, as a Club we would not do that because it would set a precedent. Who decides which accidents etc should get flowers? As an example, earlier this season there was an accident where a rider visiting from Chicago was transported to a level 1 trauma center after a spill (ironically caused by Executive Action who was DQ’s from first) but we didn’t send anything there. There was also another spill that was fatal to a horse but we didn’t send anything to those connections either.

      I understand the sentiment but we simply can’t do for one while not doing for others.

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