ASK EDDY Wins at Hawthorne

Under a perfect ride from Alex Canchari, our EDDY stayed off a hot early pace and close steadily and rallied gamely up the outside, bucking the rail trend at Hawthorne to win the 5th!!!

Congratulations everyone! More details to follow later after I can follow up with Clay. Sweet victory, though all you heavy betters knocked the price down to 2-1!!

Way to go!!


22 thoughts on “ASK EDDY Wins at Hawthorne

  1. Woo hoo! I watched the race on TVG (and recorded it) and also the replay on the Hawthorne site (twice already). Great race! Ridden well also. Eddy looked much the best today.

    I’m assuming we will be able to get pictures from the Hawthorne photographer by calling them like we did last year? Thanks.

  2. It was wonderful to see Eddie get healthy and run such a great race. Any chance of a winners circle picture from Hawthorne?

  3. What a great ride by Alex! Stayed just off the pace made his move to the outside going away! Cool that we had some club members in the winners circle! Anyway we can get a photo?

  4. If the Hawthorne photographer is the same as last year here is the info we had for them then:

    Four Footed Fotos
    425-271-9424 main office
    708-780-3700 (x3654) on race days

  5. Watched the race at the South Point in Las Vegas. What a nice win today. Nice ride and a nice looking win be 2 1/2 lengths! The teller said that Clay’s brother is often at the South Point and enjoys watching Clay’s horses run.

  6. Ted, your handicapping was right on. I always wonder when the club starts bombing the odds how many people get in on it sensing that there someone must know something. Well sometimes that even works. I got home too late to see the race but I watched the replay. Tell Clay “good job!” from us.

  7. Congratulations to Clay Brinson, Alex Canchari, and ASK EDDY !!! OUR EDDY. Yesterday afternoon I watched the race at Canterbury and I think I might have jumped out of my socks when Eddy and Alex won by 21/4 lengths; I expected the win but not by so much space in between 1st and 2nd. With Mr. Brinson’s guidance in getting Eddy healthy and ready along with Alex Canchari’s skill; we can consider ourselves fortunate that the stars aligned for this happening.

    • He cooled out just fine last night. It’ll take a good day for the race day meds to wear off, so we’ll know more then, but initially Clay felt he came out just fine!

      • It was great fun. Little old racetrack. Paddock under stands. Winner’s circle close to that. Not a whole lot of security – I don’t think. Photos are behind saddling area – Paddock. Not too many people there on Thursday. Maybe more on weekends?? Not big TV on track like CBY. Can’t see everything đŸ˜¦ You should try to go if you can. I almost went last year with Great Bam. Just didn’t do it and this time I was fired up!!!

  8. Are we gonna wait until the end of oct to get all the bills for the monthly statement or are we gonna get one sooner for everything ending in sept. Thanks

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