EDDY Returns A-Okay

ASK EDDY came back nicely from his winning effort. Thankfully there was no bleeding again and the ankle appears just dandy. Clay feels that our boy does his best running with three to four weeks rest as opposed to trying to come back in 2 weeks so we’ll be looking at mid-November before his next race and, hopefully 2 – MAYBE 3 – more starts before the end of the group.

While we have some reservations moving him up in class, he did win with a Beyer of 76, his best effort since March of 2012 when he recorded a 91 winning a $30,000 CL race at Oaklawn (where he was claimed). We’ll see how he’s doing and make a determination on whether or not to push him up to $7500 or keep him here at $5000 and try and win a couple of more.

Here is the financial statement through the end of September. Stay tuned after the Breeders’ Cup for information on the 2014 Club.

CBY RC Running Financials – September


12 thoughts on “EDDY Returns A-Okay

  1. He looked great in the winner’s circle. I’m glad that he is holding together for us!!! Having Alex in the saddle made a world of difference, too!!

  2. My Eddy Hawthorne Win picture arrived today 10-26! Great shots of Eddy and friends. I’m glad Marian and another person was there to cheer him. In the winners circle his front left ankle is casually bent, like he’s posing.

  3. Now that we are almost two weeks removed since eddys win have we talked with clay about whether the move eddy up to $7500 or lwt him try and win again at $5000.. what are our options in the next couple of weeks?

    • It looks like we will be keeping him at $5000 and just try and win more races until we disband. The next shot at it is November 14.

  4. For those interested Mundys entered in race number 1 at Turf Paradise Saturday November 2. 10000 dollar claiming 7.5 on the turf. It will be interesting to see how she’ll do.

  5. I have to say the Clay has done a wonderful job of handling Eddy through the season(s). It is not an accident that he has run so well. Not easy to make $ on the low claimers, so I really appreciate the attention this barn has paid to our horse.

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