A Bit of Reflection

Thanks for a great year. I have to start with that because I had a great time and it’s due, in large part, to all of you in the Club that I had the pleasure of meeting this summer and interacting with here and in person.

ASK EDDY was a helluva horse for us. When Clay called and asked me to take a look at two horses in a race the last day at Hawthorne I was torn. EDDY seemed to have more upside while the other was a consistent money earner. I gambled on EDDY and it initially looked like I lost. EDDY was a mess, but messes appear to be Clay’s specialty and between he, Juan and the grooms in the barn, EDDY was a racehorse again. He had some physical issues that prevented him from climbing the ladder, but he is as honest as the day is long and gave his best whenever he ran. EDDY won four times for us and did a nice job keeping the coffers filled.

More importantly, EDDY brought joy. That grumpy old gelding brought a lot of joy – not just in winning but in being. That first race one partner (I shall use no names here!) was in tears realizing a life-long dream to be in the paddock. Ending up in the Winners’ Circle was nearly too much to bear and she broke down in very happy tears. THAT moment alone made the summer worthwhile!

I took a flyer on MUNDY and, in hindsight, made a mistake. She was all out for 7 furlongs and needed to have the race set up just right for her to win on the front end. The Canterbury turf is a different animal than the Turf Paradise surface and I failed to take that into proper consideration. She tried hard but we couldn’t get her the trip she needed to win and lost her to her original connections (who won with her about a month ago back in AZ). I should have been more insistent on trying her over the Canterbury dirt which probably more closely mimics the turf in AZ than our turf course did! And she trained so nicely over it as well.

A couple of lessons learned with MUNDY: don’t stress so much about picking up a horse that you overlook pertinent details (or talk yourself into discounting them) and though I trust my trainers implicitly, when I have a sound reason for an action I need to be more insistent.

The backside tours, while sparsely attended compared to what the interest level seemed to be, went very well. Much thanks goes to Jeff, Jalique and Michelle for pitching in to help and, of course, to everyone on the backside that were so accommodating to us. It’s so much fun to be back there and I only wish I could you bring you all back there at the crack of dawn – it’s one of my favorite places in the world that time of day. Thanks for coming out, asking questions and making the most out of your experience.

Roughly speaking, with no bills in yet from November, it appears as if we will be down right about MUNDY’s claiming price, maybe a bit more. All in all, not a bad season at all, but I hope that we can measure it more than by dollars and cents. I hope that you all learned a lot (or some anyway) and had fun doing it. A lot goes in to racing a Thoroughbred and while the process appears to be shrouded in mystery, I hope that by pulling back the curtain a bit that process was de-mystified for you.

If any of you are interested in moving on to a smaller partnership I hope that you will include me in your deliberations. Drop me a line (ted@grevelisracing.com) and I can get you some information, add you to the email list and we can go from there.

Thank you all so very much for participating and my personal thanks to Jeff for allowing me this opportunity. Stay tuned for details for next year’s Club. One change I know is definite is that we will be closing membership 30-days earlier in order to allow more time to claim horses so keep that in mind as you look to sign up. Have a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing you all at the races!


EDDY Will Be Just Fine

Heather reached out to Alex after the race to check on he and EDDY. Here is what he came back with:

“Yeah I’m ok he’s gonna be alright he forged in the front end which means he was running so hard and his shoe hit his ankle a little he should be alright I really love that horse I have a good connection with him I was sad to see he got claimed I walked him in the vet trailer after the race he should be fine clay is in my opinion the best trainer I’ve rode for he’s really sharp.”

This kid has all the tools and is a good kid as well. We’ll be able to say we knew him when!

Best of luck to EDDY with his new connections. He was a great horse for us and thanks to Clay and Alex for tremendous jobs.

EDDY Wins Again; Claimed

ASK EDDY prevailed by a head at Hawthorne this afternoon under a great ride by Alex Canchari. He was also claimed out of that race by Midwest Thoroughbreds. EDDY stalked in perfect position and made his move right down the center of the racetrack but tired near the end but managed to hold on for the win.

Given the late date, it looks as if this will be the end of the road for Canterbury Racing Club 2013. It will still take until after the first of the month to close out the bills and solidify the financials but all in all a good year for the group.

Look for a recap as well as details on the 2014 Club shortly.

Thanks to partner Ryan for capturing this picture of EDDY as he nears the wire

Thanks to partner Ryan for capturing this picture of EDDY as he nears the wire

EDDY Favored at Hawthorne Thursday

ASK EDDY has been installed as the 9/5 morning line favorite in the 6th race at Hawthorne Thursday afternoon (estimated post is 4:40 PM CT). He handily beat most of this field already and there are a couple of new foes for him to take on as well. After his last performance he rightfully the favorite here. Let’s look at the field:

1 – FANTASY MAN (Overton/Sukie) – Won some cheapies down at Fairmont and then learned that the competition is a little tougher in Chicagoland. May try and go early but probably isn’t fast enough to get there, though after a few months off he may have needed one,


3 – SUNDAY SAINT (Retana/Slinger) – Eddy beat him by 16 last out and he never ran a lick.

4 – KERA’s KITTEN (Reavis/Colvin) – Front runner that couldn’t hang on in his last and faded badly in the stretch. There are other speedsters in here, so this will only help EDDY’s chances. He’s scored as an unlikely choice and lost at low odds, so we don’t know who’s going to show up!

5 – QUIET REBEL (Dizeo/Rose) – A nice 2nd to EDDY before finishing third last out after a great run at Fairmont. Hard to rule him out, but with the other speed it’s going to be hard.

6 – IZZY GOLDEN (Cowan/Perez) – Smoked by EDDY two starts back before rebounding to finish third over a sloppy track last out. Another that likes to be on or near the lead.

7 – AWESOME RULES (Butler/Thornton) – Stays close to the pace and made a bid in EDDY’s last race but EDDY was able to clearly outfinish him.

Just about every horse in this field wants to be close except EDDY and SUNDAY SAINT. Should the speed all wear each other out and it comes down to us and the Saint, I like our chances. We know that Alex is going to give EDDY the best chance of winning and I really like his chances in here. I will never, ever predict victory – too many things can happen in the course of a race – but EDDY is going to be tough to beat in here.

Good luck!

ASK EDDY in Thursday

Just a quick note (I’m still out of state until Tuesday) to let you all know that EDDY is on Thursday at Hawthorne. It’s race 6 at a mile and a sixteenth at $5000. Alex is right back aboard and we’re hoping for 2 in a row!

Good luck and more once I get back!