ASK EDDY in Thursday

Just a quick note (I’m still out of state until Tuesday) to let you all know that EDDY is on Thursday at Hawthorne. It’s race 6 at a mile and a sixteenth at $5000. Alex is right back aboard and we’re hoping for 2 in a row!

Good luck and more once I get back!

7 thoughts on “ASK EDDY in Thursday

  1. Looks like they have him as a big favorite. Hawthorne’s track analysis, Handicapper Jim Miller and Equibase all have him as the favorite. Let’s hope he runs as well as expected. Go Eddy!

  2. Great win for Eddy! Collecting win photos. Why aren`t photos available through club until end of ownership? We have privileges at Hawthorne on race day visits like this summer?

    • We were able to get a deep discount at Canterbury through our track photographer. Even then we had hundreds of unclaimed pictures costing the club a lot of money. At Hawthorne the Club would pay full price and there is no easy way of coordinating it so, as in past years, folks who want photos can order their own.

      We do not have the same privileges at Hawthorne like we did at Canterbury.

  3. Do I understand, then, that we aren’t allowed in paddock and winner’s circle? Seems we have zero ownership interests at this point once the horses leave Canterbury in September. That shuts down the idea of going to Hawthorne for a race. I thought one of us made it there last year and got in a winner’s picture. Once again, seems those interested ought to get a photo for their collections.

    • The paddock at Hawthorne only allows licensed owners and even then it’s limited given it’s small size and indoor location. If you are there you can get in the winners’ circle, however. It’s important to remember that we have the privileges that we do at Canterbury because we are sponsored by the track. At Canterbury we are all allowed in the paddock because the track waives the requirement of only being a licensed owner to be in the paddock for us. Special dispensations are made for us because of our affiliation with the track – we have no such affiliation at any other race track.

      If anyone wants a photo from Hawthorne, they may contact the track photographer there and order one – again, the same procedure as in past years.

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