EDDY Favored at Hawthorne Thursday

ASK EDDY has been installed as the 9/5 morning line favorite in the 6th race at Hawthorne Thursday afternoon (estimated post is 4:40 PM CT). He handily beat most of this field already and there are a couple of new foes for him to take on as well. After his last performance he rightfully the favorite here. Let’s look at the field:

1 – FANTASY MAN (Overton/Sukie) – Won some cheapies down at Fairmont and then learned that the competition is a little tougher in Chicagoland. May try and go early but probably isn’t fast enough to get there, though after a few months off he may have needed one,


3 – SUNDAY SAINT (Retana/Slinger) – Eddy beat him by 16 last out and he never ran a lick.

4 – KERA’s KITTEN (Reavis/Colvin) – Front runner that couldn’t hang on in his last and faded badly in the stretch. There are other speedsters in here, so this will only help EDDY’s chances. He’s scored as an unlikely choice and lost at low odds, so we don’t know who’s going to show up!

5 – QUIET REBEL (Dizeo/Rose) – A nice 2nd to EDDY before finishing third last out after a great run at Fairmont. Hard to rule him out, but with the other speed it’s going to be hard.

6 – IZZY GOLDEN (Cowan/Perez) – Smoked by EDDY two starts back before rebounding to finish third over a sloppy track last out. Another that likes to be on or near the lead.

7 – AWESOME RULES (Butler/Thornton) – Stays close to the pace and made a bid in EDDY’s last race but EDDY was able to clearly outfinish him.

Just about every horse in this field wants to be close except EDDY and SUNDAY SAINT. Should the speed all wear each other out and it comes down to us and the Saint, I like our chances. We know that Alex is going to give EDDY the best chance of winning and I really like his chances in here. I will never, ever predict victory – too many things can happen in the course of a race – but EDDY is going to be tough to beat in here.

Good luck!


15 thoughts on “EDDY Favored at Hawthorne Thursday

  1. Ted obviously you can’t predict this but does Eddy’s success open him up for more claiming risk? And has clay mentioned his mood? Is he antsy to get on the track? Thanks as usual for your race analysis!

    • Clay says that he has been doing very well and he thinks he will be very tough tomorrow. There is indeed an increased risk of claim. I would add that if the Club was defined like an ongoing partnerships (without a date limit), we would try him at $7500 and take a shot at moving him up the ladder.

  2. I am curious how the claiming activity has been at Hawthorne this fall. I wonder if any owners are looking to pick up Eddy the win machine to pick a couple checks prior to the short winter shut down.

    Also I sure miss Angel as the track analyst at Hawthorne. Jim just does not have the same energy.

    Run fast and safe trip Alex and Eddy.

    • I tried to access the Claims Report but to no avail. I think there are two ways to look at EDDY possibly getting claimed: Do you spend the money now and try and get a couple of checks before the meet ends or just wait until spring so you don’t have to pay for the layup (assuming they don’t know that we have to sell him before the end of the year)?

      Angela certainly brings a lot to the analysis and we’re fortunate to have her!

  3. Fun, fun, fun, can’t wait to watch Eddy run again! I like his chances! Here’s hoping TVG will show it live or at least on tape Thursday.

    Any news yet on next year’s club?

    • Not yet, but we’re getting close! There won’t be a LOT of changes, but the way we distribute win photos will change: too much money wasted with pictures that were printed but never picked up.

      • Good idea to change the photo distribution, wasting money is never good! I am really surprised that so many people don’t pick them up.

      • I appreciate the folks that got in touch to tell us that they didn’t want one, but the cost of the photos – after our tremendous discount – comes to about the same as a month of training! If everyone picked them up, it would be one thing, but so many being wasted is just throwing folks money away. I hope we’re able to figure something out…we have a couple of ideas that may work out nicely.

  4. Does that mean keeping him at this level would would entice someone to claim him, or easier to sell him at the end of the year?

  5. My 2 cents on the winner circle photos I can’t believe you wouldn’t get one. I think it’s so cool! Mine our framed and on display!

  6. Great win for Eddy…he seemed to dig deep when challenged close to the wire. Great ride by Alex and of course Clay had him ready for the race

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