EDDY Will Be Just Fine

Heather reached out to Alex after the race to check on he and EDDY. Here is what he came back with:

“Yeah I’m ok he’s gonna be alright he forged in the front end which means he was running so hard and his shoe hit his ankle a little he should be alright I really love that horse I have a good connection with him I was sad to see he got claimed I walked him in the vet trailer after the race he should be fine clay is in my opinion the best trainer I’ve rode for he’s really sharp.”

This kid has all the tools and is a good kid as well. We’ll be able to say we knew him when!

Best of luck to EDDY with his new connections. He was a great horse for us and thanks to Clay and Alex for tremendous jobs.


14 thoughts on “EDDY Will Be Just Fine

  1. Great race, great fun all year, thanks to all who made it possible – and especially to Eddy. Going to miss the handsome guy.

  2. The comment ” he forged in the front end which means he was running so hard and his shoe hit his ankle”, does this mean the shoe hit the ankle on the same leg?
    At what part of the race did this happen?

  3. I’m not a member of the club (yet), but I watched Eddy in both races at Hawthorne on TVG with the same enthusiasm as if I were. Next year I intend to join, even if the horse I grew fond of was claimed.

  4. Great Year!!!! Hopefully we can retain Clay this next season. Alex sure brings the best out of Eddy. Did we have the option of pics of the last two wins???


      • Clay said there won’t be a winners’ circle photo but there will be a win photo with the features picture as an action shot with the details of the race.

    • We will try and will pass along what we find out. That said, given what Alex said and knowing the bet diagnosed that he did indeed step on himself, his prognosis is excellent.

      • Watching the replay it looks like Eddy changed leads at least 3 times in the stretch, one being right before the 16th pole and then he changed again after only a few strides. Perhaps that’s when it happened. (If I’m seeing it correctly.) It appeared like he galloped out fine for a ways after the finish line also. That’s encouraging.

    • I don’t know what their plans would be for him. I would assume he will stay at Hawthorne, but I don’t know. You can track EDDY via email alerts through the DRF or Equibase in their stable watch features while the smart phone app, Horse Races Now, allows you to track your favorite horses and receive text alerts on workouts, entries and races.

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