EDDY Wins Again; Claimed

ASK EDDY prevailed by a head at Hawthorne this afternoon under a great ride by Alex Canchari. He was also claimed out of that race by Midwest Thoroughbreds. EDDY stalked in perfect position and made his move right down the center of the racetrack but tired near the end but managed to hold on for the win.

Given the late date, it looks as if this will be the end of the road for Canterbury Racing Club 2013. It will still take until after the first of the month to close out the bills and solidify the financials but all in all a good year for the group.

Look for a recap as well as details on the 2014 Club shortly.

Thanks to partner Ryan for capturing this picture of EDDY as he nears the wire

Thanks to partner Ryan for capturing this picture of EDDY as he nears the wire


12 thoughts on “EDDY Wins Again; Claimed

  1. Hooray! and Oh no! It was so much fun watching Eddy win again today. I’m sorry to see him go though. He’s one beautiful horse!

    Thank you Ted for running the Club this year, your efforts are much appreciated. Please extend our thanks to Clay and his staff as well, and to Canterbury for making this possible. It’s been a thrill.

    Looking forward to next year!

  2. I’m obviously glad EDDY won but a real bummer he got claimed. I was hoping for one more race before he had to go. Kind of a compliment that the big boys at Midwest thoroughbred claimed him. Thanks Ted, Clay, Alex and EDDY!

  3. All – a somber note: Alex has to pull EDDY up after the race. He thinks he may have grabbed a quarter (strained a tendon/pulled a muscle in human terms). He was vanned off as a precaution. We’ll have to wait and see what the prognosis is when we hear something. Keep EDDY in your thoughts tonight.

  4. That was certainly a concern that he would get claimed. It will be interesting to see where Midwest sends Eddy. Eddy gets a new house tonight..hope for the best Eddy..you gave us plentyof thrills this year.

    Thanks to Clay, Alex, Ted , Clay’s staff and the folks at Canrerbury it has been a great year

  5. Looking at Equibase today I found these numbers interesting> The Canterbury racing Club is currently ranked 6,977 in the owners rating (based on $ won I believe). We raced 11 times and won 4 and had 1 3rd earning $29,810. We won 36% of our races and were in-the-money 45% of the time. Granted it was a fairly small number of races run but it does show that we had a great team working for us. Also while watching the race on TVG yesterday how fun is it when they say “owner Canterbury Racing Club” and are trying to figure out who can beat our Eddy.

  6. This was my first year being in the club. My family and I truly enjoyed the experience. I plan on being a part of the club at least for one more year. Maybe after that branching out into a smaller ownership group.

    How much does it cost per winners circle picture? Is there some way it could be set up to have everybody who wants one order and purchase it on their own? That way only the ones who want one would get one.

    Second question, this being my first year i apologize if this scenario has been covered before. Would we or could we claim a minnesota bred horse? It seems this past year there were more race opportunities for Minnesota bred horses at Canturbury this year.

    Thank you again to Ted and Clay for a great experience.

    • Thanks for joining and coming back – I’m glad you had a good time!

      Locally we received a deep discount on the $20 winner’s circle photo price down below $10 because of the large volume. We are looking at ways to mitigate the waste of both money and paper including the possibility of having folks buy their own photos (at a discounted price).

      A Minnesota bred horse is an idea but the problem right now is two-fold: of the affordable MN-breds available most would only be able to compete at Canterbury. Another issue is that the foal crops several years ago were the lowest in Minnesota history which means that MN-bred races – especially for non-stakes quality horses which have managed to win a couple of races – will be very, very hard to fill forcing them to race in open company. That said, if we can find one that can be competitive and give us a nice run, we’d certainly take a good hard look!

  7. Once again, the end of a great summer and fall of racing. I’m sorry that it’s over but it was a great season! Thanks to all the connections involved and can’t wait until next year!!

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