October Financials

As a prelude to EDDY’s race, here are the October financials.

CBY RC Running Financials – October

10 thoughts on “October Financials

  1. It is a great deal of fun to be in the winners circle — BUT , rethinking the expensive photos is n order. With today’s camera phones. it may be unnecessary. Or, at the very least, we could eb charged for them. Let’s ponder

  2. Last comment on photos. After reviewing financials you’ve sent, it seems we have more money than we had for the whole summer of racing while we “owned” the horse. Wonder why photos are out of the club’s price range for those who want them. It’s a fun experience but seems it ends in September, not December.

    • Price isn’t the only consideration, again, we are based at Canterbury and have no affiliation with Hawthorne so no easy method of distribution. This method has worked in past years and we did not see a need to change it this year.

      In my own partnerships – and many others – if you want a winners’ circle photo, you pay for it yourself so I think we’re fortunate that, so far, the photos have been part of the deal.

      I’m sorry that you feel that EDDY running at Hawthorne isn’t fun. When my own horses leave Canterbury to run at Tampa Bay Downs, I still love to watch them on TVG, on line or at Canterbury (where I can wager a dollar or two). Unless you live in Southern Cal, FL, NY or LA, you can’t go see your horse live all year round, unless you have the money to fly around – which would be nice!

      • Not fun after September?! Oh my, I was on the edge of my sofa seat when Eddy last ran at Hawthorne, and jumping up and down during the stretch run and the finish! I agree, It definitely doesn’t end in September for me, and I wish it could keep going.

        As far as pictures go, I am willing to buy my own, I hate seeing money wasted. We have been fortunate to have the Canterbury ones included, thank you.

  3. I’m just as excited to see Eddy run at Hawthorne. While we don’t get to experience the paddock and hopefully the winners circle he still our horse and any money he wins goes back into the clubs account and will offset our fees for next year. Go EDDY!! We’ll be watching and cheering!

  4. Do we owe Alex any money for riding in the race in October? Looks like jockey did get a cut of the purse. Hope our boys do good today!!

  5. I found that the experience of going out to the simulcasting of Eddy’s races this year and Bam’s races last year was great fun! I had never been out there before in the “off” season and it was different but very enjoyable!

    I have all my “Winner’s” photos in an album and can’t imagine not wanting to get the photos. Maybe by making it each individual person’s responsibility to get their own photos from the photographers is the way to go.

  6. Yea Eddy!!! Yea Alex. Great win!! Now he is gone from our stable. I was hopping for one more race in Dec. Oh well, It was good while it lasted!!!

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