That’s a Wrap

Below you’ll find the final accounting for the 2013 Canterbury Racing Club. I had to adjust the starting amount since I missed some deposits so our starting amount was a little bit higher. We finished the season with about 72% of the money we started with or just under $37,000. We managed to win 4 races and if we could have only nursed one out of MUNDY we may have finished in the black for the first time!

Details for next year’s club will be out shortly but most of the parameters will be the same including the buy in amount of $250 (Do expect a change in the winners’ circle photo process, however). Each member will have the opportunity to re-up for next year again by adding $65.08 to the $184.92 you have coming back. You all will be getting an email shortly from Jeff confirming those numbers.

Once again, it was absolutely my pleasure working for you all this year and look forward to hopefully coming back to do it again next year!

CBY RC Financials – FINAL


Wrap Up and MUNDY

We received our final vet bill and I am finishing up the final spreadsheet. I want to run through and audit it against the account before I finalize and post it, which should be the next day or so.

I also wanted to take a moment and address our former gal, MUNDY, since there were some comments about her winning ways after the last post here and folks have also touched base with me via Facebook, Twitter and email.

There are several theories we can work on trying to explain her poor performances at Canterbury: she got sour and needed a break; she didn’t care for the turf course; Mike Chambers had her long enough to know some keys to training her for success while we did not. Any or a combination of all of them could be valid. After a decent rest and a return to Phoenix she has certainly perked up, albeit still considerably below the level she was racing at last year there. Of course we will never know for sure since we can’t just ask her, but I’m glad she’s doing well – she’s a good gal.