Wrap Up and MUNDY

We received our final vet bill and I am finishing up the final spreadsheet. I want to run through and audit it against the account before I finalize and post it, which should be the next day or so.

I also wanted to take a moment and address our former gal, MUNDY, since there were some comments about her winning ways after the last post here and folks have also touched base with me via Facebook, Twitter and email.

There are several theories we can work on trying to explain her poor performances at Canterbury: she got sour and needed a break; she didn’t care for the turf course; Mike Chambers had her long enough to know some keys to training her for success while we did not. Any or a combination of all of them could be valid. After a decent rest and a return to Phoenix she has certainly perked up, albeit still considerably below the level she was racing at last year there. Of course we will never know for sure since we can’t just ask her, but I’m glad she’s doing well – she’s a good gal.


3 thoughts on “Wrap Up and MUNDY

  1. After watching the replays of Mundy running her recent races in Arizona, it sure looks like the turf course is cut to a very short “buzz” cut. It also looks like a very dry hard surface. That is very much different than the deep longer grass that is kept on the Canterbury turf course. She just couldn’t hold her speed on the more tiring turf. Just wish she could have tried the fast dirt at Canterbury to see how she would respond.

  2. Ted, do you know if Alex Canchari is injured, serving days or on holiday? He has not been listed on any mounts for some days now. Do you or Clay have any idea where Midwest may ship Ask Eddy to after Hawthorne ends?

    • I’ll see what I can find out, but about 10-days ago I saw a picture of him working a horse at Oaklawn, so he may have moved his tack.

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